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Product Review: The Clarins Multi Active Night & Day Creams.

Although I didn’t do any swapping personally at the last SBM Swap Party we hosted in March,  I was gifted with a lot of beauty products mostly Clarins,  by one of the swap-aholics. For about the last two weeks though, I’ve been using two of the products : The Clarins Multi Active Night Youth Recovery Cream and the Clarins Multi Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction lotion. 

I have a combination / normal skin (on my face)  and while my Night Youth Recovery Cream is for the normal/combination skin, the Multi Active Day Cream is for all skin types. I used the Multi active day cream in the morning and the Youth recovery cream at night.  Both help in restoring natural tone, elasticity and radiance for a more youthful skin.  Now I wouldn’t say I have wrinkles just yet,  but I’m past 40 years old so it’s safe to say I do need all the help I can get,  after all that’s part of what it’s meant to do- stop early signs of aging and wrinkles…

The Clarins Multi active Night Youth Recovery Cream: 


-I must say that although this came in a small tube,(about 0.7Oz.net wt.) it was enough for me to know I needed to invest more in this cream!  This is the kind of cream you want to use at night because it’s like it’s not even there,  so light to the touch and equally light and non greasy on the face.

– It’s got a really clean, fresh and almost floral scent.  I say almost because it’s barely even there.

– It’s light and non greasy. Self absorbent. Doesn’t leave any residues.  Like I said,  a minute after you apply it,  you forget you have anything on your face.  The skin absorbs it easily and quickly.


Seeing that the cream came in a travel size tube,  it wasn’t long before I was cutting off the bottom of the tube to gain full access to what was left. Desperate moves. Not good.

The Clarins Multi Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction lotion: 


-Also a light non greasy cream, but a bit thicker than the Night cream,  perhaps because it contains SPF 15, designed to help protect and visibly correct the appearance of fine lines thanks to the new Myrothamnus extract.

– Also has an unmissable fresh and clean smell.


This also came in the travel size pack,  which means it’s use will end too soon.

Conclusion :

Using the two creams together is definitely the better deal if you can afford it- Each one costs at least N28-30k depending on where you buy them from.  I noticed how they evened out my face skin tone, although I never had wrinkles to begin with,  the tautness on my face was extremely notable… I noticed every time I applied make up.  Yes,  it was that obvious;  and the hydration was amazing! Here’s my make-up free face two weeks after: 

Notice the glow?

If you do plan to invest in this couple of creams, imagine your face feeling awesome in at least 2 weeks. Smooth, soft and definitely youthful. Where did all the blemishes go??