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Ladies, What’s Your Bra Story?

As you become a woman that’s over adolescent age,  owning a bra becomes one of life’s essential necessities. It’s not whether you should have one,  the question becomes how well do you know your size and what is your design, color or style preference? This women-only conversation doesn’t happen often,  but when you see the fashion faux pas that happens everyday on the street because many women avoid this conversation, then you know we should be talking more…

Let’s start with the most basic question -do you know your size?  Some women go through life not knowing what their proper bra fit is and so they miss out on enjoying the full effect the right fit and look on any outfit they buy,  could give them.

How do you find your right size?  First of all, you need a tape measure. In inches,  measure around the fullest part of your breasts – this is your bust size.  Then measure around your body directly under your bust. If the measurement is an even number,  then add 4inches; if it’s an odd number,  add 5inches.  This is your bra size.  The difference between the two sizes,  that’s your cup size.  So if there’s no difference, you’re an A cup,  if you have a 1inch difference, you’re a B cup and so on.  For instance if your bust size is 36 inches and your bra size is 34 inches,  your cup size is 34C.

If you’re caught between two sizes,  always pick the larger one. The hooks on the back will give you the allowance you need.

Also,  if you’re in the 30-32 A or B cup,  you’re in the petite chested league.  A 32-34 A or B cup puts you with the average sized,  and above 34 in a C,  D or above makes you a fully boobilicious gal!

Lets follow this up with your personal preferences: do you like the classic underwired bra? Good,  because this is usually a comfortable pick for most cup sizes.

The non-underwired bra,  however may not be as chic,  but could pass as more comfortable for a lot of women. It suits all types also, even the most ample of bosoms, with large supportive shoulder straps.

The balcony bra

– The balcony bra (or balconette) has a rounded cut that reveals the top of the chest while the underwiring supports it. It’s suitable for all sizes, lifting small breasts and keeping large ones in.

The Sports bra

– The sports bra provides optimal support for active types. It supports the chest without underwiring, through large elastic bands under the cups and in the back. Better for the smaller cups.. Wear one when exercising,  that’s what they are made for.  They may not look sexy but they make for good support.

– The bustier is chic and sexy for big occasions and  for that femme fatale effect, but sizes are usually limited to A, B or C cups.

– The half-cup bra reveals a lot of the top of the chest and has underwired cups for lift. Ideal under a plunging neckline, it comes in A-D cups.

The Triangle bra

– Triangle bras are for small chests only: they’re youthful and flattering worn on slim figures. A lot like the bikini bras.


– The bandeau bra is only recommended for A and B cups.

Note: That padded push-up bras add curves to small chests.

– Padded balcony bras are suitable for all petite chests. Their padding discreetly lifts the breasts.

– Minimiser bras are made to give the illusion of smaller breasts and are reserved for C, D, E and F cups. They hold breasts in, reducing their size without squeezing them.

When shopping for bras,  avoid materials that stretch a lot, such as lycra and elastane. They’re comfortable but don’t give much support. If you have been blessed with a large bosom, don’t bother with these,  no matter how beautiful the design.  

-The straps of your bra shouldn’t cut into your shoulders. Once they’re adjusted in the right position, they should stay there.  You could sew them into position if they keep moving.

-The underwiring in a bra should never irritate you. Make sure the ‘bone’ is well sewed in so they don’t poke or wound you.

Colors/Style : Bras come in all colors!  This is where your personality is expressed.  The bombshell sexy personality would invest in bright colored bustiers,  balconettes and Lacey half cups.  The more reserved would probably stick to the whites and the edgy woman would most probably shop a closet full of blacks and reds.

Make sure your underwear is always kept in a separate drawer or closet and make sure it’s clean,  dust free,  and dry.

Finally ladies, your bras are made to be ‘heard’ and not seen,  meaning,  when we look at you,  it should be clear through your top or dress that the ‘girls’ are well housed and kept,  but bra straps,  colors and lines should be kept well out of sight. You may like the sight and idea of your pink lace balcony, but I guarantee you,  neither the colleague that shares your office space, or your boss at work is interested in seeing or sharing such personal details.

So tell me,  what’s your bra story?  Any preferences?  What’s the worst faux pas when it comes to bras and underwear to you?