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Product Review: Shopping The MINISO Japanese Designer Handbags

Always out to find the best deals everywhere I can, I heard about the entrance of the MINISO brand to Nigeria. I didn’t know much, just got the feeling they were here to increase our shopping options from Game, Shoprite, etc.

I soon got to find out however, it was more than that- I wandered into one of their Abuja stores and found, their shop had a very welcoming, clean and well lit atmosphere. The gadgets and everything in the store were the same- simple and … that was when I found out that everything in the shop was theirs- MINISO was a brand! What I didn’t know was that this was a Japanese brand with their own products in fashion, household,gadgets and more…much more.

As I walked in, a first time shopper, I spotted the shelf with their purses and bags to the right and naturally, it drew me immediately. I didn’t resist. Not only were the purses amazingly affordable, from a critical eye like mine, they were good products!… and I came on a Sales day! OK, before I go on, a brief gist about the brand:

MINISO is a Japan-based designer brand, co-founded by Japanese designer Miyake Junya and a young Chinese entrepreneur Mr. Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan, with the former serving as chief designer. MINISO is the promoter of global “intelligent consumer products”, Sticking to the life philosophy of “Simplicity, nature and good quality“. So even without knowing about the brand, I had already noticed their philosophy everywhere in the store… check out these…

…Some of the purses I had my eyes on…

MINISO gains its popularity among consumers with its core brand edge of updating products every seven days, seven days!!! pricing at a low level, and targeting at intelligent consumer product chains.   At the moment, MINISO has reached strategic cooperation agreements with more than 50 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, so many other countries and now Nigeria, with an average monthly growth rate of 80 – 100 stores! Wow! and it was formed in 2011- watch out Mango!

So here is how I styled one of the bags I got, the handheld bag with rings:

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

I love the smooth faux leather texture and the soft pink color- feminine and chic!

…Bet you didn’t know you could fold it over as a purse and it would still look awesome…
My Verdict? A good introduction to the market, a nice place to shop and if you’re a fashion lover looking for a nice purse to add to your collection, or as a gift, this will warm your heart- The bags and purses are uncomplicated and attractive, with really nice color options. I like that the designs just keep changing with even more being released, it curbs the displeasure of seeing your fave bag design you just bought, everywhere…

Will I be getting any more in the near future? you can count on that! .. The icing on the cake was when I got a remarkable Senegalese Client that needed my shopping abilities and services instantly, not just in the MINISO store but for the rest of the day! An all over good day!

Photos: SBM. miniso.com