Swap parties are so  fun… but not really a common feature in Nigeria or maybe I should say Abuja, yet. The idea of SBM organizing a Wardrobe swap party came up about a year ago. Why, you may ask, was this uncommon event important to us at all and why did it get to hold till a year later? We kept it in the side burner because we felt it may not be a popular feature in the lives of many fashionable women and girls who prefer to get their clothing off the shelves in stores …As a personal/Wardrobe stylist, you become aware of how often we like to shop as Nigerians. A new event comes up, it’s off to the shops to find a new outfit, nothing less. The fact that we have local tailors and designers that cater to different pocket demands makes it all the easier. Before you know it, you are barely able to keep up with the pile up in your wardrobe.

With a habit like that, making popular an idea that suggests you can trade in your not- needed for someone elses’ may not be a popular one- It’s OK to drop off your unwanted items, but how do you get someone who barely wears her own outfit more than once or twice, to swap with another who has probably worn theirs already? My answer is simple- for the curiousity and love of fashion. That, of course is missing out the most important of all- the economics of an idea like this.

So imagine giving all of us a place where we can take those only -worn – once, those bad or impulse buys that never even had the tags torn off, or those ones we don’t like to talk about- the ones we have assured ourselves we’d lose enough weight to get into in a few months, turned years! Take them to a  place where with the right music, refreshments, general atmosphere and like minded group of ladies, we get rid of these items. Awesome! For a majority of people who with the right environment and people, are happy to pick up something else they can get to use and use and use all over again! Have fun, hang out and declutter! That’s what SBM provided. Want to know how it went?The big question: how did we get people to meet up and swap items that they would actually appreciate and want to use? So we sent out invitations and made calls, giving out really good guidelines to adhere to.

It was a good, fun meeting. Our guests who decluttered but didn’t plan to pick up any new stuff, found themselves unable to resist dipping in to the clothes, jewelry, unopened beauty products, shoes and even bags. Such fun, such satisfaction to see people so happy with the swap!

Another fun thing we were able to top it all with, is the fact that the left overs that owners didn’t take back, we were able to pack up for Charity! Win, Win, Win! Where a lot of people get to benefit from the stuff from your wardrobe you don’t need, it feels gooood just thinking about it!

Will there be more? Definitely! The demand grows….


Photos: @emopashi




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