Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Chanel… our favourite bag designers have put in the work to bring us their best in 2018 off the runways -and we love them!

This year, our bags wishlist has the best in color, texture, size and design, that you’d want to upgrage your wardrobe to and if not, then alternatively your pinterest closet would love to welcome them all… for now!

We love that Chanel has the naked shoulder bag and we can assure you, that Celine scarf bag will definitely be a conversation starter anywhere you go. Gucci threw shade at its counterfeiters and Prada’s comic bag just melts our hearts! All in all, let’s just say, we’re proud of this year’s selection!

Above are the SBM top 12 handbags we wish we could run out to the boutiques to buy, but will settle for just wishing for now…

Any favourites?



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