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Valentine’s Day: For Love Or For Money?

There’s a never ending discussion of the true intentions in the world’s eagerness to celebrate St. Valentine’s day every year. 

A day to celebrate Love. Whether of friends, family, or that special person in your life, a day when you take out time, sometimes much needed, to treat/gift special people- a mom and her son or daughter, a child with their parent, best friends etc.

Helpless romantics that we are, would welcome any opportunity to spread the love and Valentine’s day is no exception. Sending flowers, dressing up for a night out, giving and recieving chocolates and gifts are fun and you really can’t go wrong with it…

…Or can you? many others would then argue, that this is the real reason why this day is so big – for the money. For businesses! – you can’t help but notice there is always a significant rise in spending and so, why not? why not advertise the day like no other? There is no price on love, right? so why not encourage people to go out there and spend- So while your significant other leaves with a smile and a glad heart, there are those whose pockets grow deeper and bigger- everyone wins!

So on which end are you pitched? for Love, or for tha Money??