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12 Fashion Essentials For your Wardrobe To Take You Through The Year

Getting ready in the morning should be easy and chicer all the time. These wardrobe essentials will give you enough of a foundation to hold down any fashionable and trendy pieces you decide to buy.

There are the basics we all know about, like the white shirt, black pants that fit etc, and there are others that move you up a notch to make you even more chic- worthy… Find out what wardrobe staples could step up your game for you this year:

1. A Classic Belt- …Not just for holding up your pants, a classic belt will boost your jeans and T shirt look like no other.

Deep brown leather belt

2. Your perfect jeans- Whether they are flared, skinny, bootcut or relaxed, every woman needs a pair of jeans that makes her butt look good. A good booster!

3. Ballet flats – No they do not go out of style, and yes they are still essential for your wardrobe. Always.

Pluggz Women Ballet Flats

4. A Blazer– Even if you don’t work in a proper office, every woman should have at least one blazer that is a flattering to her silhouette. If it doesn’t fit right off the bat, this is where your trusted tailor comes in.

Blazer by Reiss Faulkner

5. An Evening Bag– Attending weddings and other such events comes with the job of being a classy woman. It’s not practical to buy a new bag every time you have an event to attend, however, finding a purse that takes you through these weddings and cocktail parties you may find yourself at, is essential.


6. Strappy sandals-  This is one conversation I’ve never failed to have with clients who want to upgrade their wardrobes. Every woman should get these in black and nude colors. They should because they go with denim just as well as they do with an Oscar-worthy gown! They’re worn by just about every celebrity on the red carpet! Not only that, but every one from Stuart Weitzman to Zara has one so you can buy one in a brand that suits your pocket.

Stuart-Weitzman Strappy Sandals

7. Delicate Fine Jewelry- Depending on your personal taste, classic, bohemian, eccentric or lady, you’ve owned your share of statement jewelry, but a gold necklace with a simple perhaps meaningful  pearl or pendant is the kind of thing you can wear every day for as long as possible. Shop an affordable brand but one that gives you what you want.

Fine gold and pearl necklace by Mejuri

8. A Little Black Dress (LBD)-  A little black dress is a no-brainer basic. Work, cocktails, even weddings, about anywhere that requires you to turn up nice. Look forward to styling it every which way.

Gatsbylady Liz LBD

9. Carry- All Tote–  This bag should be large enough to carry your essentials and sturdy enough for everyday wear and tear. Find one with no obvious label, but a dependable brand that will carry you for a while.

Black Zara Bag

10. A Wallet- Upgrade yourself to a sleek new wallet that doubles as a casual clutch. Comes in handy when you least expect it to. Who knows if you’ll stop overstuffing it with year-old receipts and notes you keep believing will come handy any time soon, though.

Wallet by Micheal Kors

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick

11. Red Lipstick- This may not be an item of clothing in your wardrobe , but it is just as important to find your shade of red lipstick and keep it ready on hand, for those days when you need that booster the red lips give. Whether you’re a warm scarlet or an electric crimson with blue undertones, find the rouge that complements your skin tone.

Gucci Sunglasses

12. Great Sunglasses- If you’ve invested in a really good pair of sunnies before, you’ll know how good it feels to own a great pair. A classic piece that makes you look awesome , not to mention the fact that when you invest in prime sunglasses, the likelihood of you forgetting them at brunch decreases significantly.


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