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Expecting Soon? 12 Fashion Inspired Baby Names To Consider In 2018

The only thing cuter than a beautiful baby, is one with an equally beautiful name. As Africans, nothing makes us prouder, than passing down a name most valued among our extended family, to it’s newest addition. We do not play with meanings also, making sure that the names are laden with mostly religious and even heroic, symbolic  meanings. 

However, perhaps because we’ve embraced Christianity so warmly, a religion which was brought into Africa by foreigners; many have also thought it important to give their children foreign names, using that opportunity to search out exotic name options for their children: We all wait for the fashion designers to set the trends and then scurry to the store to buy these brilliant creations. For our fashion loving parents, ever thought of looking to the folks who spruce up your wadrobe to inspire your kids names?  You heard that right! Using fashion designer names which sound great and have equally endearing and solid meanings,(yes, we know meanings are important to you also), to solve one of the biggest dilemmas of life- naming your child.

So, if the runway glamor or fashion designers inspire you, for baby name options, check out SBM’s roundup of fashionable baby names below:

  1. Anais-This name refers to Anais Bordier, the London, and Paris-based fashion designer. This exotic name means ‘grace’.

2. Adele- This French name, meaning ‘good humor’ belongs to one of the most successful American fashion designers, Adele Simpson… not to mention known music superstar, Adele.

3. Arden-Just the thought of the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is relaxing. So would be the thoughts of your daughter with this hip name. It’s originally thought to come from the Hebrew word for the garden of Eden, meaning a place of solitude and great beauty. Shakespeare used the name an an homage to his mother, whose name was Mary Arden, when he named the solitary and beautiful forest in his play. … Celtic) word “ardu,” meaning “high” or “high land.”

4. Donatella- Donatella Versace, the Italian fashion designer, is its most famous fashionable namesake. This stylish and dramatic name means ‘given by God’.


5. Elle- Be it the Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson or the fashion magazine, the name Elle is synonymous with grace, glamor, and style.It derives from the French pronoun “elle“, meaning “she” and as a girls’ name of Greek, Hebrew and Old German origin, Elle means “sun ray” ”God is my oath”. … Elle is also a form of Eleanor (Old French, Old German). Elle is also used as a form of Elizabeth (Hebrew), a form of Ella (Old German), a variation of Ellen (Greek), a variation of Ellie.The name can also be a shortened version of names such as Eloise, Felicia, Amelia, Danielle, Gabrielle and Ellese.

6. Kylie- Before Kylie Jenner, Kylie Minogue made this name stylish, and of course famous. It means ‘beauty’.

7. Vera- Vera Wang is an American fashion designer best known for her skating costumes and wedding gowns. This exotic name means ‘faith’.

8. Dante-Dante Trussardi is the Milano based fashion designer. His name means ‘enduring’.

9. Levi- This name is inspired by the iconic American jeans brand. It means ‘joined’, not to mention that it’s named after one of the 12  hebrew sons/tribes of Isreal.

10. Petra- Petra, the name of the historic city of Jordan, just rolls off the tongue. And it’s extremely fashionable. It is a feminine form of Peter, which is derived from the Greek word “petros” meaning “stone, rock”.

11. Mathis- Mathis is a fashionable name to rework the traditional Hebrew name, Mathew, meaning ‘gift of God’.

12. Izabel-  Meaning gift from God(from the Hebrew “Elisheba”) Izabel is thee Portuguese version of the name. Other versions are  “Elisheba” and “Elisheva” (Hebrew), Isabella (Italian), Isabelle (French, Dutch, German), Izabela, Isobel and “Ishbel” (Scots), Ysabeau, Elizabeth (English).

When searching for a fashionable baby name, don’t be afraid to think outside the box…. If there actually is a box… it’s your baby after all!


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