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The Top 5 2017 Fashion Trends In Nigeria + The Ones We Want To See More Of In 2018

Today is the last day of the year 2017 and boy are we thankful for being here! We’ve seen fashion events come and go, talked about style in every way possible and watched trends come and go. As the year comes to a close in a few hours, we decided to look through the top 5 trends of the year and see if there are any we would love to see carry on into 2018:

  1. The Statement sleeves: Whether it’s a balloon, bell, bishop, ruffled or tiered sleeve, this one trend was everywhere! it may have began in 2016 but in 2017, practically everyone joined in.


    Dress by DZYN

    Dress by Accost Collection

    We loved the fact that one of the most overlooked part of any outfit, the sleeve, got it’s own time space. It was all about the sleeves no matter the fabric or style of the outfit and with its flexibility, any body type was able to join in.

    Cynthia Obi Echendu

Verdict: A few more months in 2018 of the statement sleeves won’t hurt anyone, will it?

2. The Motif Dresses/Tops: This trend also begun long before the year 2017 and we were ready to see it off to its grave, especially with the flowers all over the shoulder /bodice!Dress by DZYN

It took a turn afterwards on the runway however and we loved Lanre da Silva’s take on the trend above all.

Lanre da Silva Ajayi


Verdict: Unless it returns with a new twist, an end to this trend would be sufficient.

3. Off Shoulder Necklines: Who doesn’t love the show of delicate shoulders?


House of SArah

The off shoulder trend stepped out of the ballroom and into every fabric and style space! Found on tops, dresses and any thing in between, Ankara made for a good fabric choice, with it being one that stays in place.

House of Sarah

Verdict: Probably not a trend for every body type but we love the subtly sexy look it brings to an otherwise simple outfit. Another trend that perhaps should be left to die a natural death….

4. The Peplum/Flounce: Peplum stays year in, year out but this year, we saw this flounce design take a new turn- in skirts, sleeves and designers found a way to make them rock the bodice of their outfit.

Outfit- LDA


Verdict: Creative and sometimes too lovely to behold, we would like to see more of a trend that obviously still has a lot more to offer.

5. Ankara and stripes: This is a new trend still taking flight but we love it! Ankara is a rich colorful fabric mostly full of designs. Pairing it strategically with stripes is genius and we love how it turns out in the top and wrapper or in dresses. We see this trend picking up more momentum in 2018 and we will be here to cheer it on.

Verdict: A definite yes! More in 2018!



Photos: www.instagram.com