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What’s In Her Bag? Elizabeth Taylor,Business Consultant, Coach And Speaker

Does anyone look forward to these series like we do? Is it normal to be excited to know what’s in a person’s bag? …or is it just plain nosey? If it is then give us a double tick, as again, we are excited to poke our noses into another lovely lady’s handbag:

A speaker, Coach, business consultant and one of the few people I know who is passionate about customer relations and is doing everything she can to change the way we view/live it from both the customer and the business owner’s perspective. If you do know her, here’s an opportunity to know her more intimately:

#Name : Elizabeth (Liz but never ever Lizzy) Taylor

#Occupation : Coach/Business Consultant

#Online: Instagram: LIZSPIRE  , Facebook: Elizabeth Taylor

#Your bag today: The Orange Burberry Baynard Grained Leather Tote.   

#Next bag on your wish list :I really have not made up my mind yet. But we know what I’m looking for…authentic alligator skin…stained burgundy.

#Last place you visited : In Abuja, Charlie Boys house (I’ve lived in Abuja for years and only just got to see it yesterday…I didn’t enter oh. It was a drive by). Outside Nigeria was Athens, Greece, the food is divine. I brought back the world’s best olive oil.

Athens Greece

#What’s in your bag? – Everything. From sanitizers to Teabags to band aid, Vaseline red lip balm and paracetamol. One thing you will always find though, is something to read. Take everything else and leave me with a book…and all is well with the world.

#Books or movies?– Most definitely BOOKS. Books inspire movies you know…  

#Favourite Quote: [For me] I am the most important living person (Napoleon Hill in Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude)

#Who is a typical Liz Taylor girl? Most definitely Eclectic …there’s a bit of everyone in me. Sometimes extrovert, most times introverted. If I believed in Zodiac signs I’d say I was the perfect Gemini. If you were at a party, and people were dancing, eating, chatting etc…I’d be the lady in a corner thoroughly enjoying herself people watching.  

#If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?-  In my walk in closet….so I can have it all to myself. And elephants have a great sense of style, so she would be my personal stylist.

photo: Banksy-Barely_legal

#If you were a biscuit , which would you be?: Oxford Cabin (who remembers that old faithful?) But they don’t make Cabin biscuits like they used to, so my alternate would be McVites Rich Tea biscuits.

#What should every woman try at least once in her life? Sleeping in her birthday suit. Once you go… you’ll never go back to PJs. lol Enuf said…

#3 things on your bucket list? 1. Spend a month working with Tim Storey, 2.. Speak at an inspirational event in a packed stadium,  3.Learn to fly a Cessna.

White Cessna

#What ”old person” things do you do? Wouldn’t know…what seems old fashioned to some for me would be normal.

#What weird food combinations do you enjoy?: Ribena and cheap red wine cocktail (yes its food… ask Richard Burton). But it HAS to be cheap wine. I wouldn’t dream of desecrating a divine bottle of the good stuff.

#What fashion brands are you most loyal to?: None… eclectic, remember? Recently though (since leaving corporate Nigeria, and not having to wear suits as much) I’ve developed a love affair with Nigerian brands… like Zibah by AnnEkwueme, Flakes by Mi, Eize of Oak, but E4Ma’s wrap dresses are my absolute favourite.

#Are you good at accents? Which? Couldn’t produce a good accent to save my life. So all that ‘phonee’ people do with fake British or American accent? I can’t do any of that..

#What are you interested in that most people around you aren’t? Science Fiction and Fantasy movies (in an alternate universe I am Briana in GOT)

Brianna of Tarth

#What current trend makes no sense to you? The eyebrows, what’s that? I’ve seen kites, unibrows, boomerangs, horseshoes and more… that people say are eyebrows. I’m waiting patiently for the trend to end.