So we got to attend the first of the PNN Lifestyle + Jabi Lake Mall Fashion shows at the atrium in the centre of the Jabi Lake mall. Most of the brands that showed their pieces were brands which had shops at the mall- Levis, TM Lewin, Enzo, etc. A lot of brands and designers, counting upto 10.

There were- Mangu a men’s line, HOK for women, a male and female collection by Yaro (I did like their Tees), Novesa with the shirts, and Grey Velvet which also has a store in the mall. There was Child Of Beauty, with a collection in colors between yellow chartreuse and pear that made me feel a bit uneasy… is that really a color palette you want to use for an entire collection? …not saying more than that though.

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, a label for kids gave an entertaining show and then came Iniziobella, with a line up of fascinators and hair accessories… then the Mainbrand accessories line, Ehi Okoedion a male designer with interestingly cut shirts amongst others.

The Inizobella collection stood out for me, and this is not to say one or two in other collections did not, but let’s just say we’re not in a hurry to see a replay of this night.


Photos: RRoknom Photography



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