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Toke Makinwa Launches Her ‘TM Totes By Toke Makinwa’ Handbag

OAP, bestselling author and now entrepreneur just launched her own handbag, the TM by Toke Makinwa.

Created with Estenola, this is the first from her ‘Babygirl For Life Collection‘, launching this as the first of others to to come, markedly, on Toke’s 33rd birthday.

The structured leather bag is black with the design of her intials TM from the top to the bottom over the flap in gold. A cute mini work bag.

So what’s our take? We love the concept: the shape, the leather and somehow, we can see her style personality in this bag which is good- Her fans will definitely love that. One thing we cannot get over is the TM over the front. While it may make the bag stand out,  the minimalist in us would have preferred this logo or print of her initials taking a less bold or prominent space on the bag…

What say you?



Photos: www.instagram.com/tokemakinwa