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Bad Hair Days: What To Do

Everyone has bad hair days. Everyone. It’s no big deal really. What’s a big deal is what you do in those days that makes you look dandy enough to trick everyone into thinking you don’t know what a bad hair day looks or feels like!

Bad hair days are for every hair type, African, caucasian or in between,we all know about that knotty, kinky, or frizzy hair that refuses to be tamed. So how can you disguise a bad hair day when you have limited time to get ready for the day?  why don’t we give you ideas of easy things to do with your hair when those days come calling?

  1. A high, sleek bun is a great way to combat an “I can’t do anything with my hair” moment. It’s probably the easiest hairstyle there is and you can never go wrong with it. It works best on medium-long, fine hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days—the oils in your hair will give the style more texture, and that “I look cute but didn’t try too hard” look.

TO DO: Brush hair up into a high ponytail (if you have short hair, attach a fall/false hair bun)or use fingers to pull hair together, and then wrap around the elastic or use a hair tie to secure your bun where you want it and there you have it . Done!

2. Accessories are a good way to disguise bad hair: Pick accessories that can distract from bad hair. Fashionable sunglasses, embellished bobby pins, berets, and fedoras are just a few examples of quick ways to cover up a bad hair day.

  • Choose sunglasses that instantly attract attention, such as tortoise shell-rimmed glasses or large aviators. You can wear them or push them back onto the top of your head to hold back your hair.
  • Embellished bobby pins can be used strategically to create cute designs in your hair, such as stars or triangles. You can also coordinate them with your jewelry for a put-together look.

    Hair accessories Thandie Newton

  • Some good examples of hats you can wear almost anytime include fedoras, baseball hats, and beanies. Choose a hat that comfortably fits your style or else you could end up with a bad hat day instead or an altogether total bad look! Don’t ever put your hat on the same way you want to wear your hair, Before you pull your hat over your head, push your hair over to the opposite side you normally wear your part on, then switch it back when you take the hat off.

3. When you’ve tried everything and your hair refuses to do anything approaching cute, there’s one more thing to try-

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-Simply pin one side behind your ear. hold the middle in a band, and let the rest fly free.

4.  If your hair’s kinky and healthy, why not leave your fro to do it’s thing? Comb it out or draw it out with your fingers and let it all fly!

photo: kisforkinky.tumblr.com


photo: www.pinterest.com/hair

Wet it a bit and use your hair spray/spritz to keep some moisture in while you comb.

5. And, when all else fails, grab your head wrap. Sometimes we get to the point where we don’t feel like doing anything to our hair until it’s time to wash and re-style. In this case, a head wrap is the perfect, stylish way to cover your hair completely.

photo: www.pinterest/yolandax

photo: www.pinterest.com

No need to worry about which style is going to work… well maybe sometimes you may need to… but have one or 2 styles that you already know well and that fits you. Go for it,  throw on your wrap and go!

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