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Paul Newman’s Rolex Sells For $17.8 Million!

We don’t know who the bidder is yet, but someone over the phone, did buy the Rolex exotic-dial Daytona watch owned by Paul Newman for as much as $17.8 Million dollars at an a uction house- Phillips in New York. To bring it home, this wristwatch cost the buyer about N6.5 Billion Naira!

The watch was presumed missing, but it was really in the hands of James Cox, the one-time boyfriend of Newman’s daughter Nell. Newman gave Cox the watch in the early ‘80s, and Cox decided a couple years ago to sell the watch to raise money for Nell’s foundation, of which he’s also the treasurer.


Paul Newman

‘The bidding started at $1 million, and quickly jumped to 10. The Paul Newman Rolex is the greatest Rolex collector’s model, the 6239 with the exotic dial, with a perfect provenance, in perfectly original condition. Paul Newman wasn’t just another famous man. He basically, unknowingly, was the trigger for why Rolex Daytonas became what they are today, triggering a movement of Rolex collecting…because he had this watch on his wrist for 15 years.

Legend has it that Joanne Woodward his wife, bought the Daytona in the late ‘60s at a Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Avenue—only a couple blocks over from the Phillips auction house it was auctioned off at. Woodward was looking for a present for Newman that could somehow articulate cautious support to a husband who had recently picked up race car driving. She landed on the exotic dial Daytona—with an inscription on the back that reads “Drive Carefully Me.”’ – GQ

As they say- Steve McQueen had his motorcycle. James Dean had his red jacket. And  Paul Newman had his Rolex… now in the hands of  a new owner for $17.8 Mill! They say only about 20 people in the world can afford to buy a wristwatch like this – All we can say is Wow!


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