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The 2017 Lagos Fashion & Design Week Designer Shirt Project With Designers Consociate

This was a really great concept and if you asked me, I’d say more designers should have been brought into the challenge!

‘Designers Consociate partners with the NEPC Human Capital Development Center and Lagos Fashion and Design Week to create “The Designer Shirt Project”, an exclusive Designer Collection with a Retail Pop Up Space during Lagos Fashion and Design Week, 2017.

6 Designers –  Andrea Iyamah, Bridget Awosika, Grey, Lisa Folawiyo, Loza Maleombho,  and VathiswabyKeji have crafted their take on a Classic Shirt, according to their brand aesthetic. All designs will be manufactured locally by HCDC and sold exclusively at Lagos Fashion & Design Week  – over the four day period.’

  1. Andrea Inyama: This shirt is sexy and versatile – I can imagine it over shorts, a short skirt, trousers, worn with a tank top under, a longsleeved body suit (making it into an outer wear of course!), leaving it loose or completely open. The best part is it can be worn for work … and play.

Bridget Awosika:

This is probably the most classy of all the six shirts. The fact that it’s white, has a point collar and a classic cut… then you look at those sleeves! Great for work… clearly, and perfect over anything, skirts, trousers, anything! but under the black slip dress, it’s so french and chic!

Grey Projects:

Great as an overshirt, I love the flying breast pocket and mandarin type neckline. Would love it more as a shirt dress though…

Lisa Folawiyo:

This is classic Lisa, would have guessed it straight out without any labels. – love it a million times over. Imagine this tucked into a pencil skirt for work, over tapered trousers, that back cut catching the eyes as you walk past, or with a pleated skirt. I can see this in a hundred stores all over the world selling out!

Loza Maleombho:

The pin/chalk striped fabric makes this shirt work- directional but not altogether. the peplum makes it able to match with a structured pair of shorts, pencil skirt, pleated skirt, trousers…

Vathiswa by Keji:

A bit limiting for certain body types, but the ruler shaped or hourglass will rock this big time! this would also be great as a shirt dress…

‘This project developed by Designers Conscociate aims to bring to the forefront the work of the NEPC HCDC apparel manufacturing training center, which over the last year has through training, created a skilled set of garment manufacturers, now co-operating as a factory. By promoting and highlighting this enterprise, we are encouraging the production of designer garments locally and further maintaining the notion that manufacturing locally is indeed possible, equally in large numbers, to the benefit of the Fashion Industry and economy as a whole.’ LFDW

Large scale manufacturing is the way to go (we’ve been saying for ages…) and this will definitely challenge the manufacturing center, HCDC to produce at top quality which is actually the fear of a lot of our local designers. The question – Can we trust our local manufacturing to churn out top quality, in fabric, cutting, stitching and all over finishing in a way that the name and standard of the designer brand and label is preserved?

Well, that’s a question you may be able to ask directly or seek answers to at the stand:

All shirts will be available at the “Heineken Experience Tent” and will retail at N15,000.



Credit: @lfdw, http://lagosfashionanddesignweek.com