Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2018. Everyone’s talking about the shows- Dior, Saint Laurent all had a lot to show. Feathers were not in short supply at the Saint Laurent runway- a lot, a little, too much, never too little, all covered up, it was everywhere! Then there was the leather, sequins, sheer and lace. Thorugh all the mostly black looks were cuts and puffed up shapes that would take much more than a few minutes of a runway show to take in; but we did spot somethings that definitely made us float…

Dior started off in head to toe denim and finished in Sequins. The pantsuits were razor sharp, there was shredded wool seperates, then came the multi colored leather jackets and pants with visors to go,those laced up knee length fishnet shoe socks got us wondering however….moving on, amongst the tulle overskirts and dresses, the cute french berets in fishnets, we spotted this pair of high waist knee length palazzo pants worn under a sheer white blouse and black leather coat, and we were in love!

The Dolce and Gabbana duo are masters of print and they added on flowers, plants, fruits and animal print to their love for the byzantine fashion. Careful not to leave out the playing cards…

Check out the 20 looks from these designers among others from the Paris Fashion Week SS 2018.


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