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Make-Up Trend Alert: The Extreme Eyeliners

Call them ‘Cat Eyes’ or ‘Winged Tips’ if you’re old school, or you could use the ‘Extreme Eyeliners’ if you’re at the Spring 2018 London fashion week. Whatever name you want to give it, the good news is that this trend is back!

Black extreme eye liners with a subtle addition of white over and underneath. Photo: @esther_meinl

While some Instagram-worthy fashion trends take months to go from the runway to the streets,we have seen many beauty signatures being stolen instantly with the work of a skilled hand; and this week at London Fashion Week, It girls and models are already stepping out in what’s fast emerging as the makeup-trend-of-the-moment.

On the Versus Versace Spring 2018 runway . The traditional full black wing tips

Days after backstage pro Charlotte Tilbury artfully swiped on dramatic sweeps of black eyeliner at Versus Versace’s Spring 2018 show, the trend has emerged as a new street style staple!

Whether you’re going all traditional- black and sharp, switching the black for another more adventurous color……Going graphic with a subtle addition of color, or blending out the sharp corners for a sultry take on the look, this is a trend we know we’ll have different ways to rock for every occasion!