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The Sexiest Lingerie For Your Body

It’s essential that every woman updates her underwear drawer as often as she can. With this comes the importance of finding the perfect figure flattering lingerie made for your body shape or type…hold on,  let’s take a few steps back first…for those who may not know,(hey guys!) a lingerie is underwear, sleepwear and any other intimate apparel worn by a woman. That of course means that every woman should own lingerie. So when we talk about a woman updating her lingerie drawer, we are not just talking about shopping for everything from grannys to F Strings, we specifically mean the underwear/sleep wear that evokes a naughty smile when you have them on… the sexy kind of lingerie.

Shopping for sexy lingerie is relative. While Ms. A may feel lacey boy shorts are sexy, Ms.B may relish the idea of window briefs and bustiers. That is why the versatility of lingerie is part of its charm; Shopping for lingerie shouldn’t be taken lightly because it sets the mood for the clothes you put over them, or the way you relax at night. It can be tailored to your lifestyle, personality, shape, mood, and more. . For many, this is their ‘power suit’ , that secret thing that enhances their confidence… every one deserves to feel sexy, glamourous and special… even if they’re just going to bed.

So how do you find one that’s best for your body, and sexy and as can be? It’s all about fit:

  • The first step is to determine what shape your body is. Are you a Pear, a Ruler, Hourglass, Carrot or an Apple?

A pear is a figure that is curvy. She’s larger in the hips than in the tummy and has a smaller top than bottom. “Pears” generally have large thighs and derrieres as well. Pear shaped women should look for lingerie styles that show off their body’s curve and that play down larger thighs. Flirty little gowns that hide the thigh area are a great choice. Also look for sexy pieces that wrap or have rouching in the middle. This will break up your bust and hips and draw attention to your waist giving you a very sexy pin up girl figure. Or you could choose a two piece that has a lacy bra and a matching miniskirt or boy-shorts. A flared bias-cut skirt and a contrasting color stretch lace bust, both flatters your curves and balance out your shape on top.  Add in a plunging neckline that draws the eyes from top to bottom and a defined waist to heighten the effect.

A ruler is a figure that is fairly balanced with little or no curves. Most “rulers” are very slim women……Similar to the Ballerina body that’s a gorgeous long, lean build. You have legs that go on for days and understated curves- A shaped bust inset and halter neck to broaden your shoulders and highlight your bust will suit you best.

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Also try out an empire waist to show off your long lines. With a ruler shape, you have a fabulously long, straight line with similar measurements from shoulder to waist to hip like a supermodel. Choose an elongated lace bodice for the ruler shape but make sure it features lace insets at the hips to give a little definition. A flared silk skirt and an open back will look fantastic; consider elaborate back straps to add even a little more allure. Women who have a ruler figure should find styles that add curves to their figure and break up the straight line; so corsets and bustiers that push up your breasts and pull in your waist will equally work for you- This will give the illusion of dramatic curves. You could also try a sexy pushup bra and ruffled panties. This will add bulk to your chest and hips while at the same time showcasing your cute little tummy.

A Petite & Compact body is like a gymnast. Petite and compact women are small in all aspects. Look for spaghetti straps and a deep V-neck inset to elongate your neck and torso. Picking something above knee length shows more leg and keeps you from being lost in the fabric. A soft or flattering color with subtle lace will also keep the focus on you and not the piece.

An Hourglass figure has the classic pin-up girl shape with a nipped in waist and full curves in your chest and hips. Play with adding flowing kimono sleeves, and a wrapped front neckline to highlight your cleavage. A diamond-shaped opening in the back adds subtle, unexpected sexiness.

A bra with matching boy shorts or briefs also emphasizes your slim waistline.

An apple figure is one that is much larger in the chest than in the hips and thighs. A woman who is apple shaped usually has a bit thicker middle but slim, tone legs. Apple shaped ladies need to find styles that show off their breasts and minimize or distract from their middle. Babydolls look fabulous on apple shaped women. Choose a babydoll with a low plunge front and lots of detail over the bust area to enhance your great cleavage. This style will accentuate your breasts and the sheer fabric that covers the tummy will minimize any thickness in that area. Corsets are a good choice for apple shaped women as well. Just be sure to pick a long line corset, as one that is too short will make your middle appear wider.

If you have a Carrot shape, you’re blessed with slim legs and ankles, broad shoulders, and a waist and hips that are relatively similar in size. It’s also sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle shape.  – Insets at the waist and bust will emphasize your curves, and lace at the hem balances out your shoulders while showing off your legs.

We must add that if you are Busty, You have beautiful curves, with your bust being proportionally larger than your hips or waist;  Pick a deep neckline that both supports and highlights your cleavage. A flared skirt will balance out your curves.If on the other hand, your bustline is petite, a stretch lace bust insert framed by a soft cradle will give you a gentle support lift and gives you definition to your waist.

Figure out which figure you have first in order to determine which lingerie style will flatter your body the most.

  • Once you’ve determined your shape, the next step is to explore these different styles of lingerie that work with your shape. You should have a good idea of what styles of lingerie you are looking for before you go shopping. Also be sure to shop at a nice lingerie boutique for the greatest selection and quality. LaSenza items are a good way to go or Victoria’s Secret.
  • The last thing to keep in mind is to be sure you choose a lingerie style that you feel comfortable and sexy in. If you don’t feel sexy, you can’t be sexy. Attitude has a lot to do with your overall look in lingerie. Don’t buy anything unless you feel like a sex kitten while wearing it! If you feel self conscious in a piece of lingerie, you’re either not going to wear it or you’re going to be too busy trying to “suck in” or hide under the covers for your partner to enjoy the view. Bottom line is, find the lingerie that shows off your best assets in the most flattering ways possible. Now’s the time to go shopping!


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