Almost every woman loves polishing her nails, whether she actually has the time to do it or not. A lot of moms, particularly those who have babies or toddlers can barely find the time to grow their nails let alone paint them!  There are moms who haven’t put color on their nails in so long, they can barely even remember!

But the truth is, no matter what stage of life you are in as a woman, it doesn’t take away that  girly and attractive feeling you have when you paint your nails! I am yet to meet a woman who hates to paint her nails. She may not do it because she may not have time to maintain it, but she would love to indulge herself as she probably did when she was a young girl or teenager.

That being said ladies, we share our top 8 nail polish colors trending now that are surely worth shopping. Can’t reach out for the big designer names? why don’t you shop for alternatives in colors in your locality that are a lot more cheaper? The idea is to tune in and have fun with them!

First one to try out, has to be the Club Nailmoji Holographic Glitter in Shade. You wonder how it would turn out on your nails right? Then next should be your Burberry in English Rose- pink is popular now and stand alone shades are the real thing too.






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