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Home Decor: 10 Things We Love For A New Home

You’ve found the perfect living space, done the necessary renovations and maybe even fittings, you’re at the point where you have to furnish your home and you’re ready to go shopping. You want to impress; not just those who visit you, but yourself as well. That feeling you get when you get home and you love what you see! And so questions arise- what should be on your shopping list? Any ideas?

What is the key to getting a home décor that will captivate everyone who gets to enjoy its appeal? Balance! Combining carefully thought-out design ideas with quality materials and several statement pieces will definitely make everyone, you included, sigh. It could be your wall paper, dazzling lighting fixtures or statement chairs and sofas, all these decorative pieces can create the perfectly balanced interior you need to enjoy your home. Let’s explore 10 of them:

  1. Paintings/ photos for your wall spaces- If you find a piece of wall art that you love, it can create a feel or theme for the entire room or space that you’re working with. It is uncommon for us to centre the theme of a room’s decor on a painting or paintings, but it is not a bad idea to try it out. … Start with a room in your house. If you find a painting or photos that speak to you in any way- maybe your mood or even personality, you should invest in them and create the room’s decor around it- a great subject for conversations when you have guests around isn’t it?

2. Indoor plants- Besides the health benefits of indoor plants- In reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, and reducing levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide- you are not just adding greenery to your space, studies have shown that there is a higher concentration level and a more relaxed feeling for people in rooms with indoor plants. You could have them in eveery room, or in rooms with higher activity like the living room and kitchen.

Remember that for the best success with any houseplant, you need to match the right plant to the right growing conditions. Make sure the window positions and flow of light into the room is adequate.

3. Lighting – The right lighting in the house does everything from set the right mood in your bedroom to helping you sleep well at night. You can use LED bulbs for better lighting in your kitchen, making it easier to read recipes and measure ingredients while you cook, or you can place them in hallways, bathrooms and other places where traditional incandescent bulbs don’t provide enough light, saving you plenty of money as a result, added to the fact that they are also safer- If you have babies, toddlers or even a rambunctious pet or two, you probably spend more than a few minutes a day worrying about their safety. There are many ways to childproof your home, one of which is to replace traditional lightbulbs with LED bulbs.

Traditional bulbs are made of glass, making them vulnerable to breaking rather easily. The last thing you want is hot glass breaking around your children. Having experienced this before in my bathroom with a traditionally used light bulb which blew up with my son in the bathroom. Definitely a scary experience! LED bulbs, on the other hand, are made of durable epoxy lenses, so it takes much more strength to break one. On a side note, it’s also wise to know how to clean up a broken bulb, as this can bring a whole other host of health concerns. Added to well planned natural lighting, effective lighting design means putting light where it’s wanted and needed, and reducing or eliminating light elsewhere.

4. Corner Furniture- A corner table, chair, sofa…If you’re thinking of getting some new furniture for your living room, one of the most important decisions you need to make is the kind of seating you’re going to have. There are so many different kinds of seating and seating arrangements depending on your sense of style and budget. You could mix and match your furniture pieces rather than having one whole set – this can look amazing and give your living room something unique about it! You could buy a leather set of sofas complete with recliners for a sleek but comfortable look. Corner sofas, chairs, end tables and furniture don’t have to take up a whole lot of space, so your living room looks less crowded and bigger as a result.

You simply slot your corner furniture in against the wall or into a corner and you immediately notice all of the space you have in the middle of the room. This gives you even more freedom to get creative with your space and design a unique look. If you’re paranoid about the size of your living room, a corner sofa can definitely help make it look larger. It’s stylish yet comfortable not to mention more room for your friends.

5. Modern/Architechtural Decor- The good thing about decor that’s unusual and modern is the detail it adds to your space. Whether it’s an art piece, a piece of furniture, Vases, whatever the case, they make a good topic of conversation with friends  not to talk of the style benefits.

6. Lounging/comfortable  furniture- If you have a balcony, patio or outdoor/semi outdoor area, a good and comfortable – the key word being comfortable, is adequate, especially if you are one to entertain guests often…you’re not? how about when you want to do some reading with natural light?

7. Wall paper- If you want to create an illusion of width, wallpapers with horizontal stripes can create this and trick the eye that a small room is bigger than it really is. Similarly, vice-versa, vertical stripes can create quite the opposite effect – creating a higher ceiling room. The idea is, wall paper can turn your room into anything you want.

Wallpapers, as well as murals are a fun and modern way to project walls in your space, personalizing them and creating a desired effect.

8. Throw pillows- For an instant makeover, adding a throw pillow (or more) to your home decor adds color, texture and fun to a room.


Throw pillows are a sure, easy and cheap way to include color accents in a room and if you like the details of texture, like rugs, throw pillows will add texture to yur room very easily.

9. Odor Maskers/Eliminators: Candles, Diffusers etc. – Stale air and unpleasant odors can make your home smell less than fresh…and just because you can’t smell your own home, doesn’t mean that other people can’t. So whether it’s essential oils, diffusers and the like which overshadow the room’s odor or eliminators that neutralizes it, every home needs to be well armed. According to Good Housekeeping, odor eliminators are acidic while odors themselves are alkaline or basic on the pH scale. In other words, when the two come together, they counteract and the smell is neutralized. Try putting a small bowl of vineger hidden in the room, perhaps behind the curtain, you should notice a difference in a day or two! Awesome right?

If however, you have guests coming over in 30 minutes and you want things to smell a bit fresher, activate your diffusers as soon as you can, this is the way to go. We may know what to do about common smells like the garbage (take it out) and the fridge (a fresh box of baking soda), but finally,  natural fresh air does the work best. although it may make your house dustier, leaving your windows open all day except for weather conditions or safety reasons will leave a fresh smell.

10. Color-If you love making a statement about how good of a taste you’ve got, opt for some bright colours that will instantly lift the atmosphere. However, if the colours you choose are too bright, do not use them on their own – meaning, tone them down a little bit for a more beautiful effect. For instance, if you love yellow, tone down the zesty lemon yellow with a darker shade of teal on another wall. You could also choose to go all monochrome with your room, that is, using a single color tone all through. If you do this, try to add texture with your rugs, throw pillows,  furnishings etc.

If you have decided to heed our tip on using your favourite painting or mural as inspiration for your room decor,  pick out two or three shades from this wall art that you’d like to incorporate into your decor. Choose the dominant color, as well as a few additional shades that you’d like to pull out as accents. Then, look for those colors in the items you use to decorate your space. If you need extra help, you can use an app like ColorSnap, which will let you match those colors to corresponding shades of paint. Awesome right?


Photos: pexels.com