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What’s In Her Bag? -Lucy Esisi, Lawyer, Visual Artist of CultureShock

Lucy Esisi is our first in the month of September for our WIHB series. Lucy is the CEO of the fashion brand Culture Shock, which produces African inspired tee shirts and accessories for individuals adding also a mix of unique home accessories.

So what’s in Lucy’s bag and what bag will she be lugging today? We never get tired of knowing, are you?

#Name Lucy Esisi

#Occupation Lawyer/Visual Artist/Entrepreneur

#Online Instagram @cultureshockng

Facebook @cultureshockng

#Your bag today:  My Lulu (For Culture Shock) Eyes-Wide-Shut custom piece in Orange. I particularly love it because those her thick lashes and the other elements on the bag, make ‘her’ look cheeky…. just like me *wink*.  It’s not just a beauty but it’s also very functional. It doubles as a handbag and backpack so it can be switched around to whatever suits your mood and need at the time.

#Favorite quote – Live and let live– It’s important that we learn to be respectful of people and their differences… life is too short, let’s learn to agree to disagree peacefully.

#What’s in your bag?-  My ipad,  my phone,

…Earphones, a notebook, my wallet, my bible, a bunch of keys, eyeglasses and sunglasses.

#Your daily beauty routine-   I really do keep it simple…  I discovered that my skin reacts wonderfully to natural ingredients so now my:

  1. Facial scrub is a mixture of honey and granulated sugar
  2. Cleanser is freshly squeezed lemon or A.C.V which is diluted with some water.
  3. For moisture, I use a light moisturizer during the day and after washing my face with my black soap and shea butter mix at night, I moisturize with either coconut oil or shea butter.

When I do wear heavy makeup which is not often, I use coconut or olive oil with a cotton pad to take it off. It works great for removing makeup from the face before you wash with your facial wash and really soft microfiber cloth; try it and thank me later.

#Books or movies?-  Oh, I’m not much of a movie person, it’s most definitely books! I particularly love Nigerian writers- I’ve read practically all of Chimamanda’s books, then there’s Sefi Attah. I also love Sidney Sheldon’s books; some I have read more than once… I’m a huge fan!!! Jeffrey Archer, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Sophie Kinsella, Kristin Billerbeck- I could go on and on…

#3 of your favorite tunes- If Sounds of Blackness or Fred Hammond sang it, then I love it! I can’t pick.

I also like Arrested Development’s Mr Wendal.

#What song best describes your life right now? -Golden by Jill Scott (…Living my life like its golden)

#Your career with Culture Shock Started as… A ‘boredom reliever’ lol! The thing is I’ve always loved t-shirts;  pairing it with jeans is my go-to, that being said, I don’t like conventional tees… too boring, I always look for something extra to do to mine to make it different. I love African prints but I found the ‘up and down’ designs too serious.

I enjoyed visiting art museums, galleries, and artsy places; I love colours and patterns etc. So when I was on maternity leave, in between taking care of my baby, I began to think of various ways of fusing all of my passion into an eclectic representation of me, and that’s how Culture Shock began.

We have the Ankara print tees, our decorative plates and now Lulu  For Culture Shock which is our luxury, hand painted purse and handbag brand.


# Your Favorite bag designer(s)- I love Kate Spade and Gucci. Gucci is like the comeback kid, I absolutely love how they have re-invented themselves.

#5 items you cannot live without? – My ipad and phone- they contain my bible and music I love. Other than that, I honestly can’t think of anything that important.

#One thing you’d change about yourself: My tendency to micro-manage every process, it can be a bit frustrating for people who work with me. I’m learning to loosen the rein just a little bit more these days.

#Your favorite color to wear? : It changes from time to time, one minute its black, the next its purple, currently its Orange.

#Your favourite perfume?:  

Without a doubt it’s the  Hermes- L’ambre Des Merveilles.