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What’s In Her Bag?-Elima Jedy-Agba, Medical Doctor & Entrepreneur

 Elima is Abuja’s fave doctor who’s passionate about cancer research and it’s cure. She’s a beautiful mother of three kids and an entrepreneur too- the brain and bucks behind Shawarma King.
Haven’t you ever wondered what a doctor carries in her handbag and what kind of bag game she’ll dish? We were overwhelmed with curiosity and we finally did get her to tell (..and show)  all!
#Name – Elima Jedy-Agba

#Occupation – Medical Doctor/Clinical Researcher/Entrepreneur and Mum

#Online:- Instagram @Elymah Twitter @Elimajedy Facebook Elima Jedy-Agba 

#Your bag today:– Grey Fendi  ‘3jours’ Tote Bag:

#Favorite quote-  I have quite a few, but one of my favorite quotes is…...’Impossible is where God operates’.…I like this quote because it helps me stay calm in the face of life’s storms, knowing that God would surely come through for me..
A more fun quote that I like would have to be one by Coco Chanel: ‘The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you….’
I tell that to myself when I wear an LBD…which is actually quite often.

#3 favorite bags in your collection? – My Chanel Shopping Tote:
The Celine Trapeze Bag:
The YSL Flap-front shoulder bag :

#Next bag on your wish list? – The Gucci Dionysus embroidered shoulder bag.

#What’s in your bag? -My iPhone, Smile internet modem, MAC Lipgloss, A pen, a couple of books, a hairbrush and my wallet. Usually have some mints, my compact powder/brush and my powerbank as well.

#How do you store your handbags? – I usually stuff my handbags to hold their shape and place them sitting in a section of my closet in their storage bags.

#Your biggest extravagance.. I’d rather not say….lol

#Trait you deplore most in others…  Dishonesty. 

#One thing you’d change about yourself- My Large Feet! I’m a UK size 10 (US 12) and it’s terribly difficult to find great shoes in my size. 

#What’s your guilty pleasure?  My guilty pleasure would definitely be ‘me time’. After a long day at work, and I put the kids to sleep, I take a long shower/bath, then tuck in to watch a nice movie/TV show or read a good book with an occasional glass of wine…It feels soooo good. I really look forward to this! LOL  I’m sure a lot of mums out there can relate….:)

#Favorite bag designer(s)? :- Chanel! Chanel Bags are Timeless and very Classy.

# Your favorite color and flower?  – Favorite Color is Orange, although I love to wear black.
My favorite flowers are Orchids.
Orchids depict such elegance and beauty, especially the white or purple ones…and its pretty cool that different coloured orchids mean different things….

#Your idea of a perfect day?- It would have to be a day spent hanging out with my beautiful kids doing a wide variety of things from going to the movies, to shopping and siteseeing!
#5 items you cannot live without? –My Bible, Laptop, my iPhone, My perfume- (Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior) and My Wallet  (I would say my family but since they aren’t items….)

#Your favorite drink?- Tea..I’m a #tealover 🙂 

#Ice cream or Popsicles? Definitely Ice cream!

#Sunglasses or sun hats? – Sunglasses Anyday!!!
…I usually wear sun hats only when I’m on vacation in the summer.