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What’s In Her Bag?- Christiana Efanga,Commercial Analyst & Co- Owner FanChrima Agric.

We love our monthly WIHB series and it’s time for us to peek into the bag of another stylish personality we’ve been stalking.

Christy’s bag was definitely fun to peek into and she let us in on so much more:

#Name –  Christiana Efanga

#Nickname – Krism

#Occupation – Commercial Analyst in the Energy sector and Co-owner of Fanchrima, an agricultural farm.

#Online:-  @krismdev

#Your bag today? Brown faux leather Aldo …. great for work and a gift from a wonderful colleague!

#Favourite hashtags–     #familyiseverything   #tbt  #travel  #fitfam

#Last place you visited :-  Schlitterbahn in Galveston, TX, it’s a great waterpark with loads of rides and is perfect for super sunny summer days J

#What’s in your bag?

– I generally carry too many stuff: my IPad because it has the Word, work and books in it, my wallet, my VS purse that holds my emergency sanitary wares for no-notice days, a small makeup bag, a fidget spinner I play with, keys, my sunglasses and a power bank.

#How do you store your handbags? – For now, my bags sit straight in my wardrobe inside their dust-bags. They have to be upright with stuffing inside to ensure they don’t lose their form.

#Bags or shoes? –   I’d pick Bags over shoes any day cos fabulous bags make such a statement! However shoes are complimentary and the bag statement is never complete without the right shoes.

#Your favorite bag designer(s) Mak Nisy and Louis Vuitton….simply because she’s a Nigerian, a hardworker and her bags are pretty. On the waitlist for my Mustard Yellow Kamara Bamboo handbag …and LV because the pieces are always timeless and classy plus if you have a bit of money for luxury, LV has something for you.

#Your favorite drink– Coffee! I absolutely love Columbian coffee and at this moment I’m drinking Magnum’s Caramel Macchiato it’s an unbelievably rich roast and indescribable! Taste like Starbuck’s coffee only so much better and the smell is heavenly.

#Favorite bag I’d love to own – This Chanel flap shoulder bag!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to pay that much for it given the circumstances but I’m hoping I can splurge on it pretty soon without any guilty feelings (the goal is to work harder and give as much to those in need)

#What items will we always find on you
? –  my wallet

#Your favorite (non-Fashion) guilty pleasures? – Victoria Secrets everything including their free totes. I always end up spending more than I planned to but there’s always a free gift (s), plus all their wares are very good quality. My latest treat:

#What pieces of jewelry do you always wear? – My engagement ring and my wedding ring…..always.

#If you could live anywhere in the world… I would wake up in a new city every single day!  I do love travelling and discovering new places so much that I could never choose. I am the quintessential tourist….. walk everywhere, taste every food and try everything…..as much as my pocket would allow.

#Your idea of perfect happiness? – Sitting quietly in a clean room, sipping green tea with cardamons, WoodWick trilogy candles burning and listening to Hillsong’s “What a beautiful name”…

…. A massage in that room will probably take me to heaven and back!