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3 Items I Don’t Feel Confident In

Everyone must have some items in their wardrobes that just doesn’t cut it for them, Right? I know I do. That skirt that’s a bit too short, those shoes that make me walk funny- sucks up my confidence  real quick! We probably all have items like that, and I’m here to share mine.

I’m sure it differs for everyone out there but I’m hoping that there are some you could relate to, so while I share those confidence zappers I definitely try to avoid in my wardrobe, I’ll also share a few of the confidence boosters to draw a balance.

Tarnished Wardrobe Favourites-

Everyone has those wardrobe favourites, lots are usually basics- black trousers, tee shirt, black skirt, favourite handbag that they just cannot get enough of. Mine could range from a pair of shoes I feel are just appropriate for every occasion and make my legs look longer and hotter, to a tee shirt that gets worn to the ground! So what happens when your favourite pair of jeans begin to fray and not in the way that’s trendy? For me I think Jeans has to be the biggest victim here.  It takes me quite some time to get to that point where I know these pair have outlived their days and need to retire, and then I tell myself I could just do one more lap, it’s an informal event so it won’t be that bad… until I leave the house and then I’m so conscious of that hole just under my bum, and I’m wondering if the people behind me can see it… You know the whole time will have me thinking I should have just worn something else!

Trends ‘Everyone’s’ Wearing-

I actually do love trends, you will agree it keeps the fashion space exciting, especially when shopping; but I must confess I’m your minimalist/Lady type dresser who doesn’t care as much for trends as I do for what fits me or how to make a look mine. So when I give in to a trend, I spend a lot of time asking myself, am I really sold on this trend or did I just make or buy it ‘cos everyone’s wearing it? It may look good on me, but because it’s something that ‘everyone’ seems to be wearing, I tend to feel a bit too self conscious, so what do I do when I get into a trend? I try to make it my own- I know if there’s anything that’s possible, it’s how to make a trend mine…sometimes.If I’m not successful in that, then I’m definitely out of there!

Buying Something Cos I Saw A Friend Wear It.

It’s no big deal to copy a design you saw your friend wear or buy an exact item you saw on a friend or colleague, but I do feel uncomfortable when I wear it somewhere and that friend or colleague is there… it always feels like I need some kind of approval from my friend. I mostly always add my own twist to such items either with the way it’s sewn or styled but even then,  I can’t help wondering- especially when it’s the exact style- in spite of what they say,  what do they really think about how I look in it? (Maybe I’m overthinking it?) What if I wear it on the same day they decide to wear theirs? Do they get upset? or flattered? is it a sad case of ‘Who wore it better?’ , and we all know when two people are in the exact same piece, there’s just that uncontrolled thought/question on everyone’s mind- Who does it fit better?Kind of makes one feel insecure. Best way to get out of this for me I’ve found, is to always to take a piece I like (the friend’s or colleagues’ piece) and then use it as an inspiration for a different item:  For instance,  If it’s an Ankara piece, that’s easy, because once I use a different patterned Ankara fabric which is a color and design that’s more me, all I need to do is copy the parts of my friend’s design that I really like, change the other things, for instance the neckline, sleeves, hemline etc. to match my personal style, and it becomes more me!

On the other hand, there are some confidence boosters that I can’t get enough of-

-A cute Fit and Flare dress is perfect for every occasion for me. Hugs my waist at the right point, perfect for my figure!

The Coolest Sunglasses- I’m one of those people who may not want to steal the show when I enter a place because I don’t do dramatic looks, but I definitely want to be remembered when I leave. The coolest sunglasses (amongst other things) will help achieve this every time! Trendy or not, maybe even bold, but the right fit is all I need.Heels that are chic, sexy and feminine,  Subtle, definitely ladylike, always good for me. Works everytime!

What are your wardrobe confidence stealers or boosters? send me an email (stylebymolekor@gmail.com) or let us know at  the comment section below: