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5 Chic Made- In -Nigeria Tote Bags For Every Occasion

Totes must be the most convenient, fun and yet chic of all the bags out there. It’s a must have in your collection whether you’re a bag lover or not. Why? because there will always be an occasion for it, a time when you need a bag with depth, one that is ready to recieve and hold all that you need on your day out- even the unneccessary things that you’re attached to anyways.

Made in Nigeria bags are all the rave because like other fashionable pieces here, they are colorful and uniquely made, with subtle cultural hints. We tracked out 5 totes from brands we found on instagram, which we think are worth shopping… taking into consideration of course, the designs, quality and price point.

  1. The Maju Signature Tote: This comes in other colors as well as the basic black. A tote that definitely grabs attention with its bright mouth motif on the side. That motif says a lot, definitely a great conversation starter and one of the easiest ways to look and feel fun and stylish.


This tote draws the eyes for the most fun reasons and would make a great option for picnics, lunch with the girls and travel.

Price: N15,000- N20,000

2. The Lola Adeoti Tote is awesome for work! Chic and able to hold all the bare essentials in while holding its shape.


With leather that looks like snakeskin, Structured hands and a tassel accessory, this is most definitely a good one to consider for work.

Price: N30,000

3. Femi handbags are fun, colorful and eclectic. This one is no different. Named the ‘Tara Tote’ , it’s colorful accents and hint of Africanness  almost makes you want to pick it up, hop out the door, and never drop it! Not because you’re afraid it may be pilfered, but only because everyone has to know that this smooth cool leather companion is yours!


Proper enough for work, meet ups and a day that’s not fully planned out, able to hold all and speak volumes. Get ready for the covetous glances….

Price: On Request

4.The ‘Butterfly Tote’ by Idong Harrie– Simple smooth leather with a butterfly motif on the side. This is only one of the different designs and colors of this tote but this we’d love to have when we’re running errands, spending the day out with the kids or just out with friends. Great also for shopping or even when you have a long unpredictable day ahead of you.


Price: N20,000- N25,000.

5. The ‘Adesuwa Tote’ By Femi Handbags:


A two toned tote bag with perforations all over and bold contrasting colored stitches round  the edges: We like that these are details worth taking note of.  This bag is the one you reach for when you are going somewhere you want to be remembered!

Price: On Request

Do let us  know which ones you can’t wait to add to your bag closet soon as you can! Versatile and fun is the way to go with all these bags and can we say,  we want them all!