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Accessory Watch: The Sunnies We All Need Right Now!

Sunglasses are not new to the holiday maker, in fact, it’s a neccessity, one that should go way up on the handbag priority list- Purse, sunglasses, books…a  must for the beach and definitely for the road.

The ideal thing to do of course is to buy a pair that best suits your face, but every now and again, we stumble on certain new designs or develop some new affection for existing types that just gets us all wriggly inside!

The Mirrored sunglasses do just that! There are the square ones and the round ones and other shapes in between and we just love ’em all!

The mirror coating reduces glare and shows off your unique personality. Looking for a good way to look cool and calm, not to mention trendy? Glad to have helped!