Batik Altdorfer has released their LookBook for their latest ‘AdireBatik’ collection and it’s all about the beauty of Adire and Batik.

Batik and Adire are truely indigenous fabrics and this designer, Amaka Oruamabo not only designs the outfits but also the fabrics:

This collection reveals not only an array of Batik in demure and modest color tones of dark blue, grey, green and black, but also a mix of fabric designs both for men and women.

Trendy as well as timeless is how we would describe the pieces in this collection; Understated, with seperates that are easy to match up in your wardrobe. We particularly like the flatteringly girly and chic look of the green jumpsuit as well as the shorts and square necked top with a pleated bodice.

Surely a collecion that leaves us wanting more…

View full collection above (Use Arrows)



Stylist: @hartxstyling

Photography: @Proshotsng

Models: @irismodels @emmanuelcotterrellbrown @amandy_kel



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