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5 Lipstick Colors Every Lipstick Lover Should Own

Lipstick lovers have a problem-  There’s always that one valid reason why they need to buy another lipstick to add to the hundreds more exactly like that one in their makeup stash simply because the light hit it a little different!  Can’t really blame us though, there’s something about opening that new lipstick tube, turning it’s base and seeing that fresh untouched stick, swiping it gently over your lips….

It’s an experience lipstick lovers live for!

Much as we know you probably have a lot of colors in your stash already, there are 5 colors you definitely should own. When we say colors, what we actually mean is the tone because while you may need, say,  a soft pink lipstick, not every soft pink lippie will blend in with your skin tone to produce the best results for you.

Some have the cool/icy undertones while others may be warmer. If your skin tends to agree with or attract warmer tones, then you should look for that tone.

Natural -Nude/Light Coral/Peach. 

Everybody needs a nude lipstick. This is a tone  which can be worn on a sunny day, or to an evening occasion like at a party, paired with bold and dark eyes that still manages to take everyone’s breath away! Getting a lipstick in nude means choosing a color that is similar to your lip’s skin color. That is why it’s sometimes called Natural. This is one shade you’d love to have when it comes to pairing it up with a heavy eye look!

Just make sure that the shades suits you before you pick it.

We are going to throw in the brown lipsticks with the neutral shades: Brown lipsticks are a craze among party lovers. It never goes out of fashion too especially when worn with the right clothes as not every piece of clothing suits brown lipsticks. However, If you go for dark cocktail dresses and a brown lipstick, you’ll be a hit when you step into a room. For a brown dress, go for a lighter rather than a darker shade of brown and you’ll look dashing. If you’ve got a warm skin tone, a bronze highlight in your brown lipstick will look smashing! This no doubt, is a must have!

Purple- Velvet/Berry:

This tone is for the bold. It speaks volumes of the wearer, of someone willing to step out of their comfort zone but not neccessarily over the edge. Whether it’s light or a deeper velvet shade, for day or night, work or play, you should be signing up!

Berry lipsticks which are a rich purple red tone, a good representative of purple in your makeup case, can be good for outings with friends, especially where you need to be casual and chic. It’s one of those adventurous tones that you get that nothing can replace. There are various berry shades of lipsticks in the market you would love, or even plum, which actually has more red than purple.

Look out for the Maybelline, Revlon and MAC for shade choices! They really have some stunning options to pick from.

Red- Red Wine, Burgundy:

Believe us when we say, red lips never go out of fashion. How could it anyways, when we all know it’s the classic chic look! The red lips always turn up everywhere, from street fashion to red carpet. It’s one look you can’t leave out completely. It can give you a retro look or a modern chic look, depending on your hairstyle and your outfit and ddepending on the occasion, it definitely is one look that can help you feel and look beautiful and confident!

Orange- Tangerine, Rust, Deep Coral:

This may be a tone that runs with the trends, but a must have! You cannot miss the look of this rich color especially when you’re one given to fun summer vacations and parties! Admittedly, this color may not be for every one- meaning certain skin tones may not recieve this color willingly- putting it simply, it may not fit everyone, but it’s worth the effort to find your shade. Definitely worth it.

Pink- Poppy, Fuchsia:

Pink is a shade that’s universally a girly girl color and skin tone doesn’t matter here. From black to brown, yellow to pale skinned complexions, all skin complexioned ladies can carry off pink lipsticks with total hits. This is definitely the  perfect lipstick shade for fair skin and every other skin shade and tone you can come by!

While choosing the shade, do this considering the amount of tan your skin has. The paler you are the more light pinks you should opt for and vice versa. It’s a must have for all girls and especially if you are just jumping into the lipstick pool.

 Another amazing thing about this shade which I personally feel, is that no matter what your age is, pink suits every single person. It makes you look and feel vibrant and younger.

Focus on the shade you need here and not the brand, believe me, every brand you can think of has an extensive pink range! Sometimes though, for the full lipped woman, pink can be a bit too much for one look. To help this, add dimensions to your lip color, try swiping on a slightly darker shade-in lipstick or liner or on your top lip only, all to get your desired look.

Now you have even more reason to shop for more lipsticks- go ahead, we eencourage you to.