The Hayati Fashion Week is organized by thefounder of the Hayati Magazine, Fatima Togbe, ┬ámarking their 5th Anniversary. The aim of this show is to attract and draw awareness to fashion for the Nothern woman who wants to dress decently, yet stylish. It’s doing this with a 3 day event, starting with the Cancer awareness event which happened yesterday at the Nigerian Floor, Dunes Center.

Hayati Partnered with their sponsors, Medic Aid to auction some fashion pieces to the public to raise money for Cancer patients under the care of MedicAid, which is a health group that spreads awareness and help to Cancer patients.

First designer to show it’s pieces was LeVoile with trendy Abayas and kimonos.

Then came Myriam Adamu using the local white knitted Hausa fabrics to make stand alone dresses, matching seperates in tops and skirts.

The next designer brought a show of luxe kimonos in silk and print.


Covered & Chic is another brand that followed the brief with a feminine cut chiffon abaya with flounce edges, a floor length floral wrap dress and a bright yellow boubou.

Other brands were the Regalia and Aisha towing the same line with a large pop of colors and shine.

A worthy start to the celebration of an anniversary.

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