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Balenciaga Releases Another Thousand Dollar Shopping Tote

OK, so who wants to shop one of the most expensive shopping bags you’ll ever find? Well, look no further. When Balenciaga released a $1,100 shopping tote that looked very similar to Ikea’s $0.99 Frakta bag last year, all fashion hysteria broke loose and for good reason- the resemblance was amazing!

Ikea’s shopper tote next to Balenciaga’s luxe Tote

The brand seems to have developed a thing for upgrading the cheap and classless shopping bags to a luxe much more expensive version. Check out this colorful Balanciaga version of what we call in Nigeria, ‘Ghana Must Go’, shopping bags made from nylon.

Balenciaga Bazar Shopper $ 1, 100

Ghana Must Go $5

But it looks like Balenciaga isn’t done making luxury shopping bags yet. The French fashion house unveiled another new shopping bag, this one even more expensive than its lookalike Ikea bag.

The latest Balenciaga Shoppers Tote

With a $1,830 price tag, Balenciaga’s new tote is a luxe version of the store’s actual paper shopping bag. The black and white logo tote is made with 100% calf-skin leather, leather handles, and silver metal hardware (a very good step up from the paper version).  It also comes with double zipper fastening and pockets inside, plus Nappa leather handles.

According to the retailer, Colette’s website, the bag is a limited edition item connected to the French retailer dedicating the entire second floor of its Paris location to Balenciaga’s Men Fall/Winter 2017 collection!

Source: Balenciaga.com, harpersbazaar.com