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Top 4 Things To Consider Before You Go Out To Shop

We all shop, whether we love to do it or not. For the addicts and those who love it, we really don’t need any reason to go out and spend but, be that as it may, there has to be some guide to doing it.

You hate to shop? Then it isn’t such a bad idea to do it right so that you don’t end up shopping twice or stuffing your face in regret! Here are 4 things to consider if you’re thinking of taking some time off to shop:

  1. Why Do You Need It? 

Ok, so there’s the question of do you need a new pair of black pants, as opposed to ‘I want a new pair of black pants’ . The common factor is that  there is still a why to both. If you need a new pair of black pants for instance, it could be that the pair(s) you have,  are worn and cannot fit the image you are trying to portray as that well ‘put together’ colleague in the office. In that case you know that whatever you chose to buy has to meet up with some quality standards and not so much but possibly also, trends.

If on the other hand, you want a new pair to add to the existing 10 pairs crowding your wardrobe, then perhaps the current trend you’ve caught up on could be the major driving force here. The ‘Why’ determines which way your other cosiderations follow.

2. What Items In Your Wardrobe Match What You’re Buying?

Yep, no matter how large a closet you have, if that Cyan green dress doesn’t go with anything in there, you are going to end up spending some more money- if not now, later, to purchase something that goes… either that or that purchase will not be worn again.

Unless you’re going out to get an entire look, perhaps for an event, which will include shoes and maybe a purse et al, then you are better off doing a mental check of what would match your planned purchase.

3. What’s Your Budget?

For most of us, the answer to this question would determine our next move- ‘How much do you have?’ – as the average Nigerian would simply put it. Your budget determines if the Why question can be answered, the When you will be making this purchase and the Where- What shops you will be going to.

Without enough money, you may have to hold on a bit longer to get those much needed functional pants considering the quality standards you have set, it could also mean settling for a lesser quality for now or if your motivation was solely the trend, holding off altogether. It’s important you do your homework and find out the cost of what you’re getting so that your trip is not wasted.

4. How Urgent Is This Need?(This will determine your shopping options, where to go and when)

The number 4 caption says it all. If the integral parts of your last good pair of black work shoes,  just bowed to the long drawn pressure to seperate ties, its soles from its body, then you know you have to do something quickly! Much more than if you could probably wait till you could take time off from work,  to visit your favourite store in another city or to order a new pair abroad.

Simple as  they may look, it may not be easy to think through these steps all the time but if you make it a habit, you get to save a lot of cash spent on impulses…not to mention the regrets! So why don’t you start, perhaps with number one?