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What’s The Ugly Pants Trend And Who Should Be Wearing Them?

Puffy-legged cropped jeans, low-slung trousers with a bizarre print, Rihanna’s Balenciaga floral-print leggings in DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” music video! Ugly pants are an expression used to describe outrageous colored or styled pants; often in bad taste.     have defnitely made it as one of the top trends to look out for in 2017.

Rihanna’s Ugly pants

Then again, should we call them ugly? or unique? stand-out? out-there? bizzare? or maybe even ”cool?” You may want a better name for them, but we’re guessing the real reason why they are called ‘Ugly’ is simply because of the reactions you’re sure to get once you step out your door. There’s no going unnoticed in these pants, which brings us to the next question- ‘Who should be wearing them?’

Are you an eclectic dresser? One who likes to try out new colors, new designs, new trends? then this trend is for you because not only is this a trend that requires a good measure of confidence to pull off because of the attention it gathers, but also the ability to style them well.

River Island Cigarette Pants

Those looking to add some feminine flair with a twist, could try the plaid-meets-ruffle mashup or the cigarette pants. The best way to balance these pants out are with cropped or fitted tops to give your body a balanced out silhouette, unless of course you’re going for the luxe and loungey look, which targets a casual and freer silhouette. 

There’s always a unique way to stand out and look confident- the ugly pants way!

SourcePhotos: www.fashionpolice.com, polyvore, vogue.com