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Dressing To Flatter A Large Bust…

While in theory, the idea of a big bust seems desirable, the reality sometimes could be daunting. It’s daunting because dressing in a ways which does not make the general bust area the centre of every one’s attention, could be a bit more challenging than you would imagine.

The decolletage which favoured the well endowed woman, may be out of fashion now, but big boobs can go no where and as we repeatedly meet with changing trends, it’s important to find ways to rock these trends. For most full-chested women, boobs are a way of life and cannot be wished away in order to tap into a trend. We instead, have to find ways to dress them up just as a woman with large hips would. To get to this point as a ‘boobilicious’ woman, there are some basics we need to scale over to make sure we (yes, I’m also a member of the club) are at the same take off point:

First things first- are you proud of your boobs as they are? or are you constantly trying to play them down? this obviously will affect your clothing choices.  If you always seek to go for clothes 2 or 3 sizes bigger, then you consciously or unconsciously make efforts to hide them or play them down. With this effort channelled the right way, you just may not need to keep shopping for clothes way beyond your size.

Start by making a commitment to a sturdy bra that gives serious support, and forget the wispy lace bras worn by models in those beautiful lingerie campaigns, but thanks to brands like Bravissimo, Panache and Freya… women with busts upto a HH can enjoy nicer designs and colors than our predecessors did. Large boobs can actually cause serious back ache, and drive many women to breast reductions for medical reasons. That’s a reality. But largely, big busts are a part of who many women are, and they should not compromise a woman’s confidence or style:

  • With that said, when putting a look together, always keep it simple in the torso area- no ruffles, no frills, no breast pockets and no gathers from shoulder to bust. All of these details make your chest look and seem bigger.If you want to go with the boxy tops, find a top that is cut just boxy enough that it hangs straight down from your chest without billowing out. A slight crop will also help keep your whole look more in proportion and prevent your untucked top from looking like a tent.
  • Neckline: Often, when an outfit doesn’t work, it’s because of the neckline. Square and cowl necks all highlight the bust- not good. So make V and scoop cuts your go-to necklines. Lower, open necklines like a sweetheart (which is shaped like the top of a heart), scoop or V-neck tends to look good so for your tee shirts, avoid the crew necks and go for either of these instead.. They bring attention to your face and elongate your upper body, especially if you’re petite or have a short neck, Just make sure you don’t reveal too much.

    Scoop Neck Tee shirt

    On the other hand, high neck, jewel, crew and turtle necks will draw attention to your boobs, if that is what you want to achieve. Anyone with big boobs knows that T-shirts are hard — A funny V-neck can give you cleavage overload, and anything baggy looks like you’re wearing a tent. So what do you do? First of all, avoid fabric extremes-  lose any tee shirts with really light fabrics textures or one that is too lumpy. On the other hand, the solution could come in what it is paired with —A cute scoop neck tee tucked into an A-line skirt, a pencil skirt or jeans, depending on your body type,could be a killer!

  • Avoid adding heavy necklaces or neck scarves to low-cut tops for fear of drawing the eye away from the collarbone – the dainty part of your torso you want to draw attention to. “If you want to wear a necklace, choose one that hovers around your sternum or around your throat. Not a good idea to wear one that stops just at the bust area.
  •  Again, Depending on your body type, rompers (and jumpsuits) are one of the most flattering and easy-to-wear silhouettes for women with large breasts — they are a little blousy on top without looking sloppy, and the slight looseness on the bottom is great for balancing out the larger top. Color-blocking on top with a cropped jacket in a darker color, worn open, also helps make a larger chest appear smaller, the same way dark panels on the sides of a dress can make your waist appear narrower.
  • Sleeves: While I personally like sleeveless dresses and tops, sometimes, sleeveless dresses could make you look like you have twin melons strapped to your front. You have to be careful with the types of sleeves styles you wear as this could also break your outfit especially with the now elaborate sleeves trends. Don’t just go for a style that looks nice- pick one that flatters you:

Sleeves that finish at the line of the bust should be avoided. Instead search for natural shoulders (where the shoulder seam sits on the actual shoulder) and long sleeves that flare below the elbow.

  • Dresses: Wrap tops and dresses work wonders for bigger busts as they separate the breasts and enhance their appearance. Shift dresses with darts, neat A-line shapes, shirt dresses and fit and flare silhouettes, are all awesome choices for the busty lady. Chose shift dresses over fitted ones, which can make you look top-heavy. Don’t be afraid of short hemlines, also hemlines that are busy with trimmings, designs, finishings that tend to draw the eyes down the leg area and away from the chest.
  • Seperates are also good to create the illusion of a dress by matching solid-color tops and bottoms or print. Sometimes, having a larger chest means you are different sizes on top and bottom, which can make finding dresses that fit especially difficult. This is where the seperates work well, perhaps even better.
  • Keep coats and jackets simple: For jackets choose a one-button style with stretch, or a semi-fitted soft jacket with narrow lapels. Stay as far away from double-breasted cuts as you can- they tend to broaden the chest area, and spend as much as you can on a well-tailored jacket which can look amazing on a big-busted lady.

    While lapels on blazers and vests often don’t lie properly when you have a larger chest, lapel-free styles do. They won’t gape awkwardly and tend to be more closed across the chest. Again, don’t worry about buttoning up. When you have a much larger chest, front closures in general are not your friends, but that’s fine! You’ll look stylish with it open anyways and still completely work-appropriate.

    Ignore high-neck styles, belted styles, anything over-sized or  with breast pockets. Simply seek out streamlined, semi-fitted single breasted shapes with a deep V-neck. Those are your best options.

  • Tailoring: It’s quite tricky to find dresses that fit 32HH boobs and a size 12 frame, so tailoring is key, Find a reliable- (keyword here is reliable) dressmaker, who understands your curves and will help to always put your waist in the picture.
  • Fabric-wise, soft fabrics should be your friend. Don’t go near stiff fabrics, shiny tops or slinky jersey… stay far away!Be selective, but embrace prints. Most of our locally used fabrics are full of prints so it’s hard to escape them anyways but don’t just pick any design or color. Be delibrate. Also, when you speak to your tailor, point out the arrangement and layout for the design that flatters your bust.  Prints are good because when done right, the eye can’t focus on one spot so it looks all over thereby minimising the appearance of a large bust.
  • Jeans that flatter are everything to you. Skinny jeans should be used with great caution but we advise straight, boot cut, relaxed and distressed boyfriend jeans which have a slouchy-all-over look that’s much cooler, and with heels and a monochromatic color palette, it can look a lot flattering.

Finally, these are all guidelines for you to be able to style yourself and look as confident as you should feel. Sometimes, going against the rule does work for those who understand and know how to work their bodies very well. If you are just learning how to style your body, it’s advisable to first master these rules, before learning to break them.