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5 Daily Habits From Wellness Experts We All Should Try To Pick Up

It’s tough, with the hustle and bustle (mainly hustle) of daily life, to pick up those life preserving habits that help to extend the life span of your body. Finding simple and possibly less boring ways is a dream for most of us, so when we found these simple habits by wellness experts, we jumped at them! If they’ve been adopted by experts they must be effective right?

One or two a day, whatever you can carry through is a good way to start. Studies show that it takes about a month to learn a habit, so better to go easy so you don’t give up on the first week!

  1. “My favorite daily habit is breakfast. Breakfast doesn’t need to be an ordeal—I’m not talking about a five-course brunch every day. But research has shown that spending even 15 minutes being mindful with food can make you more satisfied during the day. Moreover, eating in the morning gets your metabolism going and helps you to burn more calories as the day goes on.”  SCOTT KEATLEY, RD, KEATLEY MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY

2. “Limit the use of technology. While technology can provide a nice escape from life stressors (e.g., Netflix binges and Instagram surfing), our attachment to technology can also breed isolation. A study looking at human behavior noted a negative relationship with increased social media use and happiness in relationships. Additionally, taking a break from technology is a great way to give your brain some much needed down time.”    -DR. CHINWE WILLIAMS, MEANINGFUL SOLUTIONS, COUNSELING AND CONSULTING, AND ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR AT ARGOSY UNIVERSITY.

3.“My favorite daily habit—which helps me manage my stress, stay organized, and be productive—is making a to-do list. It sounds basic, but writing things down can go a long way in keeping you sane! Having to constantly remember what you need to do, or the order in which you should tackle a bunch of tasks, is a total energy drain.”  CYNTHIA PONG, JD, COACH & FACILITATOR, EMBRACE CHANGE CONSULTING LLC

Sounds like a no-brainer but not for many, we’d say!

4.“My favorite daily habit is to do one thing every day that makes me feel like I’m alive. It might be something as trivial as being able to perfect a jerk chicken dinner or an action that takes me out of my comfort zone and towards a bigger life goal. It’s the best way to ensure that when you wake up tomorrow, you’ll want to make it a better day than it was yesterday.”    -LEAH DE SOUZA-THOMAS, HEALTH & WELLNESS SPECIALIST, THE THRIVE PRACTICE

5. “My daily habit, which I encourage my teenage and young adult clients to do as well, is to set a reminder on my phone twice a day to practice a brief mindfulness exercise. I may be in the middle of an email, or even a phone call, but I take a moment for a few deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth.”   -KELSEY TORGERSON, MSW, LCSW, COMPASSIONATE COUNSELING

Finding a way to let off steam positively is something we should all build into our daily lives. Some are able to do so creatively on their own, while others need a little more help from doctors and therapists who can paint the bigger picture. https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/therapy/  is a great place to start!


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