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Confessions Of A MakeUp Snob

‘Basically,the last thing I wanted, was to end up like my cousin who can’t exit her room in the morning without first wearing makeup!”

Shaking her head left and right, she suddenly bursts out laughing!

Right from the moment I met Ogochukwu about 11 years ago, I noticed one thing about her- she had an enstranged relationship with makeup. She’s not the first person I’ve known who’s like this, but hers was interesting… one day she goes bare, and then she has everything and anything to say about the makeup industry and how makeup artists promote shallowness and fiction; then the next, her face shows hints of makeup. I always laughed at it all but soon enough, I began to wonder if there wasn’t a story behind it…

So my questions began, and the confessions poured out…

”Everything just tires me jare! ” She quipped. ”I liked makeup growing up, but at the turn of the millinium or should I say the makeup revolution, things changed. You can’t tell the real from the surreal anymore! I look at photos sometimes of people I know very well, and can’t help wondering how different, unreal or fake the person on the other side is…”

Ok, so who feels her frustration? Definitely not me. I mean, with all the inovations in makeup, we can do anything from get the perfect eye brows to the perfect nose, lips and even face! Face! So what do we care that we get to wash it all off? it only means we can get to look as close to perfect as we can afford without sticking needles in our faces even for a few hours!

So no sympathies here Ogochukwu, no matter your stand point on this, besides, everyone is still endowed with a God given choice. You can choose to look any way you want to look and that should be your perogative, the same way it is of those of us who choose to go with the face contours and eyebrow shapers! …but before we (I) judge my friend too quickly….

”There are times I feel the need or get the occasion to make up and I do it as minimally as I want, which is good for me because my face still gets to breathe. I really feel for those celebrities and the like who go to work everyday with their faces all caked up! ”


”Now I must confess,  make up in general is a good thing. I recently (at age 40), discovered the importance of eye makeup and the lot it can do for your eyes so I concentrate more on that. I have began to work on that, since practice makes perfect, and although I’m not there yet, I do feel good when my eyes are done, I smack on my favourite lippie and I’m good to go-  So I may not be perfectly made up every other day, but I have seen how make up in this era does enhance the features even better!”

Well, good for you Ogochukwu.