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Product Review: NYX Lip Pencil In Burgundy

NYX is a makeup brand that probably has like a lipstick or some type of makeup in lots of  make up purses. I got their jumbo lip pencil in burgundy, a color I have loved since I was in my 20s. Did I get my money’s worth?


  • Pencils are easy to use because you can always get a sharp edge and we all know that’s good for a more precise application. Everytime you sharpen it, you get a good application and I love that.
  • The  lipstick itself is soft and easy to apply. Glides over the lips nicely.


  • Well, it’s not everytime you buy a lipstick that says it’s one color and then you find out it’s not exactly like that! This lipstick was not burgundy at all. It’s more of a frosted deep pink shade!
  • Added to the frostiness is the gloss. Too much gloss in a makeup world(mine) where matte and cream reign supreme!
  • Definitely doesn’t last the whole day, give it about 5 hours if you do not eat or drink anything major. 

Not quite the lipstick for work or any long wear; you could have fun wearing it out for a party or a night out because of its gloss and shine.

Wish it was true to it’s color though.