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Why Everyone Needs A Pair Of Really Sassy Sunglasses!

Designer, Victoria Beckham‘s oversized sunglasses has become one of her style signatures. Her classy  pulled-together look is often accessorized with a pair of dark shades.

The reason she wears these sunglasses besides them being such a cool accessory to have on hand always, is something so many working women, especially mums will relate to so easily, especially yours truly:

“I wear sunglasses because like most mums, I am up all night with my children,” she said. “They hide a multitude of sins.”

Victoria Beckham

She has a new sunglasses collection (Of course), because:

“I love women. I love to empower women. I think sunglasses are the final touch to a woman’s outfit,” she said.

I agree with her that sunglasses are, and should be an integral part of a woman’s look.

I mostly work at home and when it’s time to step out to run errands or pick the kids from school, I barely have time to take my eyes off my computer to wear make up- so what do I do? I hop into my clothes and put on my sunglasses. Works like magic! When I get to my kid’s school, they are out immediately and they tell me everyone including the teachers know it’s me once they see the sunglasses!Yep it’s that bad… or rather, good.

SBM Editor, Molekor Adeyinka

It’s a tip we share all the time here on SBM because it is tried and tested!

You don’t care for them? Well, start caring because it does cover a multitude of sins! No one wants to see those bags under your eyes so early in the afternoon, no matter how genuine your excuses may be and like me, no one cares about makeup when all they can see are my huge Jackie O inspired sunglasses!

There’s a good and wide range when it comes to prices and shapes to fit your preference so you really should be writing to tell us your best fit and not if you should buy them at all.