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Pregnancy Chic: How To Hold On To Your Style

Pregnancy is one of those times in your life that you find yourself being drawn constantly betweeen two extremes- One moment you feel so good about the life growing in you, the next day, you’re asking yourself what you were thinking to have gotten yourself to this place. Your body aches, your favourite meals disgust you, you hate standing, but yet, you can’t find the right position for your tummy when you lie down, or your bottom when you sit! As I said, extremes. Life however, has to go on. You have to go to work, attend events and show up for hubby. As tiring and unerving as it may be sometimes to even put on a bra, you know it’s still necessary. That’s why we want to help you keep your zingy style up to date and ever present when all you really want to do is throw a blanket over your body all day!

How do you keep your style together? because that is one vital part of your life you need to hold up- While we advice that you maintain as much of your pre-pregnancy style as possible; unless you love it anyways, we don’t want you to feel pressured when putting a look together. That is why these tips will help to keep your stylish self going:

Stick To What You Know & Like:  So your body’s changing- but your wardrobe doesn’t have to.  A lot of stylish celebrities stick to their wardrobes, they wear the same jackets, pants, jeans and dresses for as long as they can and even when they shop for more accomodating clothes, they resist the tempation to dive into the pile of booboos, caftans and loose column dresses only, so even when they wear loose dresses, the outfit looks well thought out- maybe by using a jacket to hold it all together… and they accessorize properly too.

 Lycra & Soft Fabrics.: You may not like lycra much but lycra dresses and tops are more accommodating than a lot of other fabrics. Also, chiffon and jersey blends are comfortable for tops and maxis.

Snug Over Bulky:  It’s normal to give in to the temptation to shop  for, or reach for the bulky clothes in your wardrobe that feel more comfortable right? Wrong! Bulky clothes only make you look much bigger, Instead, slim down your silhouette and emphasize the features that aren’t expanding with snug-sleeved tops, skinny or straight cut pants, and button-down shirts or blazers (from your prepregnancy wardrobe) left unbuttoned.  If all else fails, try a crisp men’s dress shirt and pair it with leggings or jeans and a fitted T-shirt or tank underneath. This look is the perfect mix of sexy, modern, and classic style.

Denim Is Chic: For casual looks, build your outfits around the nice denims you have- dark jeans, skinny jeans that have adjustable panels, denim dresses, shirts etc.

The Wrap Dress: This is probably one of the sexiest dresses for you! Find the one without annoying bottons and fasteners. A simple rope extended to wrap around you …and a plunging neckline… Oh lala!

Stay Away From Busy Prints: To be fair, print does work for some pregnant women, but even then, let that take up about 40% of your pregnancy wardrobe. Black,grey and navy are timeless not to talk of flattering and then even if you want to wear brighter colors, find the calmest versons of those colors in cotton, which as you know breathes easily, and other forgiving fabrics. Avoid unflattering shiny fabrics like satin, or silk  if your pores tend to sweat much to avoid leaving embarassing sweat marks.

Ballet Flats & Medium Block Heels: From your 5th month, your stillettos may need to take a back seat in the shoe department depending on how well your pregnancy is going. Block shaped heels and platform shoes are the more comfortable option and when you don’t want to go high, thong sandals and ballet flats will serve well.

These are just a few of the tips you can utilize when you’re trying to keep up your style. A lot will also depend on your body type especially the type you have during pregnancy. Whatever the case, to help yourself even more, try bringing out and arranging the outfit you need for the next day so that your morning sickness doesn’t put a dampener on things the next morning.