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We Review: Selara Faces Skin Care

 The Selara skin care products I have been using for the past few weeks are the Gentle Glycolic Face and Body Cleanser, The Ultimate Neutralizing Toner, The Active Facial Serum and the Chiffon Moisturizer.


These are the steps I go through everyday; washing and cleansing with the Gentle Glycolic wash, then I tone with the Ultimate Neutralizing toner and a cotton ball. I follow with the Serum then the moisturizer.


I admit that it was a little overwhelming in the beginning but I fell into the routine and the results are amazing. I have acne-prone, normal/combination skin and this works for me. I also notice my makeup glides on easier and I am blemish free. Coming from a place of acne and blackheads and redness, it’s good news.


This cleanser cleans, I mean it will remove everything and it smells really nice too. I love the clean feel it gives without leaving my facial skin dry. The Salicylic acid in the toner along with other ingredients reduce redness and shrink pimples. They actually dry up and shrink. No more swollen acne. I love that.


A little heavier than water, The Active Facial Serum acts with the toner to give a radiant, firming feel to my skin. It’s like the last step in the cleaning process.


Now, this moisturizer is my favourite product in the collection, if I can call it that. I just, glow when I have this on. I like to use it before I put my makeup on and last step in my cleansing routine before bed. The formula is water based and glides on really lightly so I barely feel like I am wearing anything, which is a plus. My skin is soft and radiant. I wish the jar were a little bigger though, I would bathe in it.

There’s also a regimen for people with dry skin too as well as normal/combination with no acne. I love that it’s not ‘’one size fits all” with this line. Its tailor made to fit your skin care needs without being too much of a hassle.

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I would also love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment or send me an email at mamalovesmakeup2014@gmail.com.