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Your Top 10 Style Questions Answered…

These questions are a cumulative of the emails and messages sent on social media to us with questions on style, beauty, trends and fashion in general. We picked out the top 10 and attempt to answer them to the best of our ability:

Q1- What’s the best way to pose for an outfit photo?

A- There are many angles to take this from: Sometimes, simple is the best, just face the camera head on for a simple shot. If you don’t like the stiff look, relax one knee. Some people however, do not look their best when facing the camera and so may need to tilt at an angle, do a relaxed knee a bit to the side, or while your hips are to the side, let your torso face the camera for a slim angle. Crossed legs works to create a shapely angle also.

On days you don’t have on maake up, you could look down while you pose or look away. How about working your hands? – on your waist, in your pocket(let your thumb out if they are slim pants like jeans), or hands resting slightly on your thighs. Or touching your jewelry slightly.  If you’re showing off a great pair of shoes, try acting like you’re walking.

Q2- What are the top 5 basic items every wardrobe should have?

A- A white shirt. Black/grey perfectly fitted pants or skirt that you can pair with anything. Black functional heels. A LBD(little black dress) that can take you from  a dinner party to a meeting and a good quality bag that exudes confidence andd class when you enter the room.

Q3- Do I have to wear earrings everytime I’m going out? Sometimes I forget or I’m not in the mood, and people ask me if I’m sad or if I’m sick but when I look in the mirror I think I look perfectly OK.

A- In these parts, women are accustomed to wearing earings all the time so it looks odd when they see a woman without earings on. The major thing to consider is, do your ears feel naked without them?

If however, you are the type who fancies going out without earings, make sure you have a statement necklace on to take some attention off your ears- it does look odd to go out without any jewelry on at all- or make sure your hair is styled in a really flattering way and your makeup is as perfect as can be.

Q4- What’s in the trends for dresses/skirt lengths? Mini? Midis or Maxis?

A- Definitely everything goes. The runway is rife with everything from maxis to minis. It’s up to you the individual- allow your mood, your taste or style preferences,rule!

Q5- Less or More?

A- For us, personal style always trumps following fashion trends except when they both agree so on that note we’ll say do what you’re comfortable with.

On the other hand, the trends these days definitely push for more! Gone are the days when shirt dresses and little mini dresses were just that. Now, there’s  billowing sleeves and great regiments of cuffs marching up your forearm, important jewellery or complicated shoes. You don’t have to wait until sunday to wear those dramatic sandals- anything, anytime, goes.

Q6-What trend is here for the long haul?

A- Definitely the athleisure trend!Activewear or the ‘Athleisure’ trend has become so popular, it has carved out a niche for itself in the clothing industry, and has won an entry into the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which defines it as “casual clothing meant to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” One of the reasons for the massive popularity of the athleisure trend is that it filled a gap in the market place, where clothing that was functional wasn’t particularly stylish. Now, such clothing can be worn to the gym, as well as everywhere else. everyone, from Kanye West and Stella McCartney partnering with Adidas, to Beyonce with Topshop, and Alexander Wang with H&M.Everyone is getting a piece of this booming industry. Even discounters Wal-Mart and Target have entered the field.

So while retailers try to adapt to a booming and hungry market, keep your leggings, capris, sweat/track pants and sneakers close by.

Q7-What is the one pair of shoes every woman must own?

A- A pair of sexy heels – whether it’s pumps or open toes- that can take you through your work clothes to jeans or your little black dress!

Q8- How do I hide a big buttom?

A-Do what you can to draw attention to your face or torso.

Q9-Besides the classics,(shift, fit and flare etc.) what dresses are in?

Cocoon Dress

A- You could have a go at the cocoon dress, off shoulders, cold shoulders- It’s a lot about the shoulders and sleeves with dresses these days.

Q10- Who can get away with a mini skirt?

A- …The one who doesn’t have to ask! If you do, you already know the answer.


Thank you for the questions. We loved answering them and expect more soon. Email your questions to stylebymolekor@gmail.com to get answers!