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What Style Personality Are You?…Because Everyone Has One.

Everyone of us has a style personality. Yes everyone, even if all you wear are yoga pants and a tank top. That’s your personality showing through. The most stylish women in the world we know, are those who discover what their style personalities are, and stick to it. They have found out what they feel comfortable in and they do not deviate from it, instead they find ways to get comfortable in and perfect their preferences.

Have you ever stolen borrowed an item from your sister and you wore it in a way that they didn’t even recognize it anymore? your style personality took over and made it yours. You see, a person’s style personality is a person’s innate character that is expressed through that person’s style choices. You take an item and you are not afraid to be edgy with it, to be creative with it or to show your classic aesthetic taste. Are they really related? you ask, well, yes. A person who’s romantic and dreamy will naturally  gravitate towards frilly, soft and feminine looks, while a woman who’s strict and straight laced, would probably prefer structured pieces. This is not to say that every woman has been boxed into a particular style personality, infact, most women have about two or three style personalities which they exhibit, while others even seem to change with age, but there is always a dominant preference and knowing the style personalities out there so that you can find where you fit is vital to knowing how better to style yourself, wheether there are two or three of them!

Sometimes, you want to dress like your trendsetter friend, but you go out and instantly feel uncomfortable because you feel you’re to flashy or too ‘out there’. That’s what happens when you step out of your style personality, very much like doing something that is out of character for you- like screaming or dancing wildly in public. Others may feel at home doing this and even get people laughing out loud but when you do it, people wonder what’s going on…

These varying style personalities explain why women have such different tastes in clothing and styling. Shopping for your fashion personality is beneficial for these reasons: It can help you save money by avoiding purchases that end up in the back of your closet and it will boost your confidence because your style choices will better represent who you are.

The key ingredient to determining your style is your personality. That’s what we say in our tagline: Your Style, Your Identity. That’s  your external DNA. Inner beauty may be more important but exterior beauty has more impact.

The following are some suggestions of style personality types. As we noted earlier, many of us are across several style personalities, and we often change over time as we age.

This certainly isn’t about boxing you into a particular style, it just might help you understand why you’re more suited to certain styles than others:

Casual/Natural/Relaxed: You’re a no fuss person who puts comfort above anything else which means you’re more likely to be found in sweat pants, loungy pants and loose tops. You have little or no interest in makeup and investing in dramatic hairstyles for that matter.

Relaxed personalities know how to look effortlessly cool in cotton shirts, neutral colors, slouchy knits, drop-waist dresses, loose trousers, chambrays, boyfriend jeans, maxi skirts, and chic sneakers. If a dress is too scratchy or a pair of pants too tight, the relaxed fashion personality will pass and opt for an outfit that won’t make her squirm all night.

Classic: The classicist has all the wardrobe basics- T Shirts, blazers, white shirts, etc. Your ideal colors are black, white, navy blue and any other basic color. Simple cuts are your thing and your jewelry? pearls or simple cut jewelry.

Your style is timeless, minimal,  elegant and classy. You like solid colors and shy away from prints or bright colors. You shop for items that tend to stand the test of time, you go for quality instead of quantity and simple clothing and accessories that tend to last. You find cuts that flatter your body and you don’t stray from it.

Think Jackie O, Jennifer Aniston.

Feminine/Romantic:  Romantics will gravitate toward twirling midi or full skirts, floral patterns, blushing pinks, polka dots, silk blouses, pearls, and antique jewelry. The romantic loves to enhance her natural beauty by incorporating feminine details and flattering fits. You are drawn to flirty fabrics, lace, chiffon, velvet and soft colors. On the other hand,

Lady: You may prefer going for clean, figure-hugging/flattering lines that accentuate your womanly shape as you also enjoy wearing heels—your personality is expressed through many different styles and you find inspiration from vintage Hollywood, the Victorian Era, the country, 18th-century France (a la Marie Antoinette), and many more.

DJ Cuppy

Prim, polished and pulled together, careful to always show your waistline, you are not frilly and flirty all the time, but you love your lipsticks and high heels and are not afraid to bat an eyelid or two!

Your Style celeb: DJ Cuppy.

Fashion Follower/Trendy: The trendsetter is bold and loves fashion trends. You will not be caught in something you consider out of fashion, and you create your own trends as you go along. You are always into one trend or the other, bold, you care a lot about the way you look all the time and won’t touch an item if it’s got no known label. You live fashion and chart your own course without any thought for what others say or think- think Nkiru Anumudu, Yemi Alade…

Dramatic/Edgy: Gothic, dark tones, metal on bags, shoes, any item of clothing doesn’t look so bad to you. Leather is also a thing for you and anything that takes your style to the edge and probably over. Punk, rock is your thing and you play it well.

Creative/Eclectic: You are a non conformist, confident and bold. Your hair and makeup follows your clothes and you are not afraid to try out stand- out ideas. You experiment with colors, cuts, patterns, textures and designs.

Your style celeb: Rita Dominic, Yemi Alade

Minimalist:  You are sleek with a classic simple style, yet with a twist.  You love simple shapes and patterns in a monochrome, toned-down palette. You venture into palettes and prints that are not attention drawing. Black is your best friend but your wardrobe may also include white, cream, browns and greys – sophisticated, subdued colours. You are able to try out other colors but you make sure everything, including your accessories, is toned to a minimum.

Your style celeb: Genevieve Nnaji.

Bohemian: Earthy and ethnic inspired, your fashion era is definitely the 70s. Caftans, sandals, breezy dresses and skirts are your thing. You find it difficult to work your style into suits and structure in general. You prefer the laid back approach to fashion opting more for draped and flowing caftans, unusual cuts and style lines or bold prints and colour contrasts, paying special attention to accessories like statement neckpieces, multilayered bracelets and cocktail rings. Celebrity personalities; Solange, Rachel Zoe, Waje.

The Diva/Sultry Siren/Bombshell: Showing off your sexy figure is important to you. High slits and hugging cuts are your thing. You always go for cuts that play up and celebrate your curves. It’s always about grabbing attention with your curves and sexy high heels!

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde

Think Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Kim Khardashian, Omotola Ekeinde.

Being comfortable in her own skin is important for every woman and it can be won easily by figuring out which one or more of these personalities best describes you. Even when you find yourself in more than one place on this list,there’s always a winner- One that defines you much  more than the rest. Find it and begin to shape not only your wardrobe, but your life. Need help? send us a mail and let our in- house stylist take the journey with you.



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