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This Body Scrub Has A 55,000 Person Waiting List!

A new scrub called the Frank Body’s new Shimmer Scrub has gone from a brand new glittering offering from the coffee scrub brand to a cult item, with 55,000 people desperate to get their hands on a packet! Why?  well, apart from good advertising,  the scrub contains mica, an edible mineral-based product often used to make things sparkle. But beware, the coffee scrub itself isn’t edible.

The Australian skincare label, Frank Body,  known for making messy yet effective coffee scrubs for about two years, has just released a new shimmer body scrub. Their coffee-based scrub is made from Robusta beans rather than the traditionally served Arabica bean because it has a higher caffeine concentration.

This glow powder, salt, sugar, ground coffee bean, grapeseed and Vitamin E oil infused product is making waves all over and features holographic packaging and a unicorn-inspired look. The texture is finer than their traditional coffee scrub making it easier to wash out of the bath or shower.

‘Frank Body is all about having fun with your skincare routine whilst also achieving results and our new shimmer scrub is no exception,’ commented co-owner, Bree Johnson.

It definitely has had one of the company’s most successful pre-launch campaigns to date. So far, more than 55,000 people have signed up to the waiting list and desperately want to try it. The business is expecting to out sell their latest exfoliator in the first week.

Bree Johnson and Jess Hatzis are the best friends behind $20 million company and at $19.95 the skin product is bound to bring co-founders in a tidy sum.

Jess Hatzis and Bree Johnson

We cannot tell you if it’s the glitter or the coffee that has earned the company such a bulky waiting list in its first week (it was launched May 1st 2017), but you’ll only have to get it to find out! On that we’ll keep you posted!