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Kanye West Releases New ‘Timeless Love’ Jewelry Collection

Sometime ago,  we got the heads up that Kanye was going all out on a jewelry line and funny as it sounds,  he was working on a line that’s just been released. Yesterday to be precise.

Photo: Vogue.com

“I wanted to create something that represented timeless love,” explained Kanye West to Vogue US.

With the necklaces going for at least $4,810 (small) we already know what the client list is like. The Yeezy designer’s first jewelry collection is made up of a line of sculptural gold rings and heavy chain pendants. There was a collaboration with the Jeweler Jacob Arabo, and the 12 pieces were inspired by 14th-century Florentine art, such as Donatello’s bas-relief portraits, and evoke a certain classical romance.

The maternal portraits and even the medallion style cut of the pendants are definitely a standout from your trendy picks of jewelry out there but contrary to our expectations, we think this was well thought out… I mean with timeless love behind it all,  what could be more timeless than it’s 14th century style? And maternal love?

Naturally, they’ve been heavily test-driven by his wife,  Kim Kardashian West, who began wearing them off the Yeezy Season 4 runway and has styled them every which way!

For those whose style would embrace this particular type of jewelry,  they are available at yeezysupply.com and Jacob & Co.

Source: Vogue.com