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Hair: The One Question Every Naturalista Must Answer

What’s that one question you had to ask yourself just before you chopped off your perm and decided to go all virgin?  ….or in some cases,  for those who never put on the perm,  who decided to stay on with their God given virgin curls,  what did you tell yourself that kept you on that track?  Do you think everyone on this journey should have that conversation with themselves?  Well, we think that they should.

We took a poll from the Naturalista Community and we summed it all up to one major question –

” Will going natural be a plus for me and my hair or am I going to regret this?”

That question says a lot.  It could mean for some – Will it solve all the problems my hair’s been having these past years?  You see,  most people who recently made the decision to chop off their hair and ‘start again’ with new growth did so because they had some level of dissatisfaction with the state of their hair. It was either too thin, changing color or cutting from the over application of chemicals from perm relaxers. For others,  this same question could mean, can I now grow my hair as well as style it beautifully, now that it’s new,  tough and frizzy? After all the number one reason for the texturizers and perms was for ease of combing and styling.

How about the question of care?  Will I be able to give it more attention now?  Will I be able to afford the time and perhaps products to take care of my hair better now?  Or will I get tired of styling,  washing,  conditioning and even combing it? It’s all engulfed in that one question.

Abuja based Professional Hair Stylist,  Rosemary Ogar, says most people who go natural really don’t understand what they’re getting into.  Sounds a bit ironic since we should know best how to take care of our own natural hair right?  Not if you relaxed your hair since you were 18! It was all the rave back then and no one above 15 wanted to be caught with natural hair. All most people knew was going to the salon to retouch their perm or asking family or friends for help.  She said however,  that most women who went natural had to learn how to take care of their new growth all over again and it was quite daunting for many.  Those however, who got past the initial hiccups grew to love the decision and that’s of course why there’s a robust community!


Are you a naturalista?  What question or questions did you have to ask yourself?  Let us know below or send us an email.