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Know Your Weaves…For The Days You Don’t Want To Go Natural

Weaves are a staple for most stylish black women, even those who go natural. There may be those who have never touched anything except a comb when it comes to their hair, and for this we salute you. However, for the majority of sistas out there, who for reasons ranging from the harshness of the weather on their hair,  to an upcoming event, chose to wear weaves, you may have found out there are so many …how do we say it… Textures or Types? out there, it can get confusing, getting to choose which one fits your needs. That said,  you first need to look out for their similarities, meaning that it’s also important to know how a good quality weave should look like before knowing how to tell say, a Brazilian weave from a Malaysian weave.


  1. They all have natural movement and will never tangle or shed unlike non-remy or non-virgin hair.
  2. They are all available in wavy, straight or curly textures.
  3. The colors may not be even through out the weft. You will get a few patches where strands may be lighter or darker than the rest of the weft. This is normal and typical of hair from a sunny country where hair lightens with exposure to the sun.

There are subtle differences between all the different types of hair. The differences are more apparent in the hair’s reaction to water, heat or air drying. For longer lasting curls on any of the hair, it is recommended you roller set hair with a hair setting lotion.

Different Types of Hair Weaves:

Brazilian: This is the most sought after weave in the world. This type of hair originates from Brazil just like its name suggests. It comes in a variety of lengths as well as colors. Compared to the Indian or other locks, this hair type is a lot silkier and shinier, tending to have a shiny feel and appearance. You can find it in curly, wavy or straight textures. Although the straight textures may not be as straight as a bone, they do have some waves in them. The biggest advantage of this type of hair is its ability to hold curls extremely well and also longer than Indian Hair. Not only is this type of hair soft but also smooth. Its texture tends to vary between natural straight to hairs that have full bouncy waves. The hair is most commonly used throughout West-Africa. When cared for properly, this hair type can last quite a long time. No special maintenance is needed for the hair. Generally, Brazilian hair will match any hairstyle.

Brazilian Weave

All high quality extensions are sourced from the Amazonas, in the rural North West of Brazil. This region is special because of the ethnically diverse population and the wide variety of hair types and textures that are available there. Natural Brazilian hair is strong and healthy which is perfect when making the best hair extension products around.

Remy Hair: Brazilian Remy Hair is well known for its soft and silky appearance. Many people often mistake Remy as a brand of hair manufacturer. However the term ‘Remy’ refers to a type of fine quality human hair with cuticles left intact for optimum natural appearance. These extensions are designed to create subtle, natural Brazilian waves which are full of texture and shine. Unsurprisingly, a lot of advanced technology and precision work goes into creating extensions that stay so smooth and tangle free.

To makes sure that every strand remains in the right place, each hair cuticle is aligned in exactly the same direction. This crucial step helps to create a continuous flow of hair that keeps its volume and attractive appearance for the longest possible period of time. The hair’s characteristic full body and soft texture are both due to the processing, care, and attention put into every product.

Indian: The reason there is huge demand for Indian hair is because of its length, softness, quality and texture. For most people, this is the obvious choice for wigs and hair extensions. Indian hair is available in two types.

Indian hair

One thing that makes Indian hair the natural choice for many is because of its versatility and ready availability on the market. It also has a very fine density. Not only is it naturally airy, bouncy and light but can also be styled and curled very easily. Even with just minimal hair products, this type of human hair is still able to move effortlessly. Its other property is the ability to blend perfectly with other hair textures. Indian hair is available from the silky types to those that are slightly coarse. However, this type of hair tends to become frizzy and even swell especially in foggy and humid conditions. For this reason, it is advisable to use anti-frizz products.

Malaysian:This hair type will initially appear excessively shiny but it will resume its more natural appearance after 2-3 washes. The curls of Malaysian hair do not drop or loosen but will maintain their original form for the rest of the day. And you do not need any product for you to keep the curls in shape.

Malaysian virgin hair. Keywordsuggest.org

Refrain from using too much oil spray as it is likely to make it appear shinier and also wiggy. This is why you need to avoid it. Compared to hair from India, Malaysian hair is still way softer and silkier texture wise. If your main concern is thickness and volume, then you would better be off with Malaysian hair. Like Brazilian hair, it also works wonders for all hair styles. This hair is naturally straight and black. Because of its fullness nature, Malaysian hair, if not well taken care of, can appear dry. To prevent this, you are advised to use enough moisture after second reuse of the Malaysian hair.It is advised to avoid oily sprays to prevent that wig-like appearance.

Mongolian Hair: Mongolian hair is the perfect balance between Indian and Chinese hair. It is more durable than Indian hair and lighter than Chinese hair. It is among the most exotic hair in the market today.

Mongolian curly weave

Peruvian: Peruvian hair is usually thicker and coarser in texture than Brazilian and Indian hair and blends well in medium Caucasian hair textures, as well as normal relaxed hair textures on African-American women.

Peruvian Weave extensions

These extensions are multi-purpose and have the ability to look natural and full of volume even though the hair is lightweight. Women can have 5 packs, or 500 grams, of Peruvian hair on their head with no discomfort. It is easy to maintain these extensions and these are ideal for straight hair styles as well as short and contemporary styles.The curly texture tends to be even more curly when wet or washed.


  1. Air drying is highly recommended for all the types of hair after washing and conditioning.
  2. Try to always use a moisturizing leave in conditioner. Avoid having to use any other grooming products between washes.
  3. Use alcohol free serums or products on hair. This will not dry out the hair and make it frizzy.
  4. Do not apply any heavy oils on hair as they will seep on to the hair extension, in turn weighing it down and resulting in restricted movement and potential tangling

Brazilian weave

All hair textures can excellently blend with African-American hairs, so you shouldn’t worry about that.  Natural hair from humans, whether from Brazil, India, or Malaysia, is ten times better than synthetic hairs. However,  these natural weaves as expected are much more expensive to purchase which can be a problem for some. If you consider that,  think about the durability and how long it will last you.




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