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Product Review – The Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation

 The Milani 2-in-1 Foundation. Now for a product which is much cheaper than most in its league, we had to find out. The compact powder if you’ve used it before, is really good- more than good actually, it’s awesome, light on the face, good coverage when applied very well and blends in perfectly.

Finding the right foundation to fit your needs can be quite a bother if you do not know what to look for. Most of the time, people remain loyal to their brands unless of course, there is a price change that’s not wallet friendly, a scarcity of the product, or they fall into the hands of fake producers.  All of these reasons are quite common in Nigeria, but in recent times, the sharp rise in foreign exchange rates has been a most telling factor!

Most stores that retail other similar products, suffered a hike in their prices and although it is by no fault of theirs, it didn’t help their customers who’ve been grappling with other expenses in this recession. Most of them now cost a pretty sum! I’ve had friends call me to ask what alternative brands they could use instead of their usual brand only because of the hike in price. So if you are one of them, you’re in the right place:


  1. I’ve just finished my first bottle which is about 30ml and I must say, it does everything they say-Starting with the fact that it’s long wearing. Unless you applied it lightly at first, you do not need to reapply at all till it’s time to take it off.
  2. Because it’s oil free, I guess, its also sweat proof. In this Abuja heat, it’s a go-to foundation if you have a normal, oil or combination skin. No melting and peel offs.
  3. One of its best-selling points also, is the fact that it’s lightweight. Even with full coverage, you only see the result, you don’t feel it. It’s also so easy to apply, whether you’re using a brush or application sponge.
  4. When applied as full coverage, it also acts as a concealer.
  5. It’s so affordable we can’t even believe it! A 30ml bottle goes for about between N4500-N6000 depending on the city and store you’re in. Compared to other brands we’re used to that have now doubled in price!


  1. Depending on how often you use it, this 30ml bottle may not carry as long as a lot of your other well-known brands. It may be a good buy, which would make you use it often, so prepare to go shopping for a replacement bottle sooner. By sooner though we do not mean in a couple months- about an estimated 8-12 months, like I said, depends on how often you use it.
  2. When you get to that point where you have to reach all the way in to get to the bottom corners, it’s almost impossible to reach in. The pump doesn’t work; your only option may be to shake it or leave it standing upside down and let it all trickle to the mouth, till you’re ready to use it… and yes I have been tempted to use water to rinse out the bottle!