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We Love Waje’s #Mountain #Climbit Campaign!

If you haven’t heard Waje’s song, ‘Mountain’ in collaboration with South African music queen, Lira, then you’re missing out on one of the most inspiring and feel-good songs of the year!

We watched their rendition onthe stage of the last AMVCA Awards a couple of weeks ago and now with the video out, you’re sure to have your breadth taken away!

The song, which she’s been promoting, has inspired many people in other ways- Waje decided to build a ‘Campaign’ if we can call it that, off the lyrics of the song in the lives of people struggling to rise above their personal challenges or ‘Mountains’ using the harsh tag #Mountain and #Climbit with random inspiring stories backed by photo shots many can connect with:

We love her commitment to this project…

We love that she encourages not just her fans but all of Africa to smile even as they climb their mountains. …

We love that behind the stories is strength, the kind the African woman can relate to…

An awesome project we applaud! We don’t have nearly  enough avenues for people to tell their stories and allow us see their strengths in their everyday lives. Waje’s opened a door many can peer through and step into.

Her instagram page is blowing up with different women writing in to share the mountains they climb everyday in their lives. African women are strong and do need encouragement. Thank you Waje for helping us see that!