5 women coming together, not to shop or talk shop, but to do something else – make money in the same space.

Culture Shock, a T Shirt fashion brand run by creative designer, Lucy Esisi, put together this event called The Five Fingers, each finger representing the strength of each of the women involved. So who are they?  These 5 creative fingers?

Lucy Esisi

Addis, an oil/acrylic on canvas painter,also involved in creating indegenious greeting cards, showing off our heritage in a simple and amiable way , was the first to be seen in the room,  if you were going it from right to left in the room.

Mabel of Mascoteda, wowed us with her attention to detail in body art. We watched as she skillfully painted the beautiful stripes of a tiger onto the face,  neck and yoke of her model. Body art does require patience and attention to detail for an artist whose canvas is alive,  breathing and moving!

Lucy of Culture shock also showed not just her Tee shirts inspired by local designs,  objects and images we see around, using mainly the Ankara print fabric and design as motif, but also decorative ceramic and porcelain plates with inscriptions as one so desires..

A people called the Village Weavers, a network of enterprising women,  not privileged but able  to use their beautiful art as a means of livelihood for their families , showed off their carefully woven rugs, made out of wool and Ankara. They were colorful just as we Nigerians like our things to be- whether it’s our furnishings or the fabrics we wear,  in red, orange, yellow and so forth. Lovely and truly inspiring.

The ‘Pinky’ or the ‘Thumb’ depending on which side you started on first, in the 5 fingered group, is a 17 year old girl,  currently in school,  growing her talent in pattern design, exploring other possibilities also in media;  seeing art as a key way of expression among her peers.

Their first outing , we hope and look forward to seeing much more events like this from this group.

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