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The Fashion Buff Who Hates Shopping By Joy ‘Woocha’

It’s often imagined that a person who loves fashion also loves shopping,  I mean how else is he or she supposed to acquire what she loves in the first place, the clothes,  the shoes,  bags?!

Well,  let me be the first to refute this belief.  My name is Joy Wokocha ( most people call me ‘Woocha’) and I enjoy everything about fashion,  the trends, matching the items and pieces up,  hooking up fabrics and styles.  Most people say they’re either ‘shoe’ or ‘bag’ lovers but I’m in on everything!… Even clothes. So how do I feed this lifestyle when I claim to hate shopping?  It’s not that I don’t shop at all,  far from that,  but let’s just say,  I have found the path of the least resistance:

I’m that person in the store who picks an item off the hanger or off it’s rack and with one look over the light,  I know if this is a relationship that can be had or not.  I don’t know what dressing rooms look like because I’ve never gone into one – not to try on clothes for myself anyways! And if I have to wait for someone who’s trying out clothes,  you can be sure I won’t be doing so quietly.

So if after I take an outfit home it doesn’t fit,  what do I do?  Well,  first of all,  that rarely happens and if it does, it goes…  you guessed it- to the back of the closet! It doesn’t matter if I’m in a country with fantastic return policies, once I’m out,  I’m out.

Shopping is something most people either do with love and fervor,  or they do as a chore. For me,  it’s none of these things. When I’m out shopping or doing it online,  in my mind,  I’m on the next task for the day.  I’m past the present,  picking out things and moving on. It’s much like going on a trip to a fun and exciting island. You hate that you have to sit for hours halfway across the world and you know the only reason you’d  endure it is because all you see is yourself lounging at the beach the next day! That’s exactly it. So your mind is far ahead of that awful journey and all you can see is the sun and water!  Although you can guess that with this attitude,  I’m rarely in on where to get the best prices for an item, or when the best sales occur;  but have I stopped to consider these losses?  You know, my answer’s a resounding No.  Would I like a personal shopper? I’ve tried a couple who complained my tastes and preferences changed by the hour,  so I let them go.

I guess the question here is this,  there are obvious holes in this glaring fact that as a fashion lover, I cannot stay current and fashionable without going out to shop and shopping to me is not a pastime I enjoy at all,  so what would you suggest is my middle point?  What do I need to do to bypass this link between my fashion desires and getting my desires met?  How do I put this love/ hate relationship to an end…  And of course the million naira question – do I really want a change?