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SHOPPING: What You Buy VS What You Wear

Ever been out shopping with friends and you tried on something that ‘wasn’t you’ but everyone,  and I mean everyone- your 2 friends,  the sales girl( of course)  and even the lady shopping on the next isle,  told you how wonderful you looked in it and how you had to get it and not leave without it unless you’d regret it?  Then you got it, because you were out numbered,  you know for a fact that your friends are more fashionable than you and you really needed something for the party you were all attending…. Not that the first 2 dresses you had already bought were not nice enough but….  Well,  as I said,  you we’re out numbered!

So you’re home and in the privacy of your room and with you as the only witness, decide to try out your options for the party tonight. You eagerly try on the one that won the popularity contest at the store first, and take about 10 whole minutes out to converse with yourself in your head!  What we’re you thinking???  Your thighs would make a hippo envious and your muffin top looked like it had muffin tops! You’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you conclude : There must be some virus going around that hit your friends and all concerned and caused them not to see properly.

Eight months later, you’re looking for your favorite leggings you tossed too far into your closet two nights before, ( ‘Scandal’ was about to premier and Olivia Pope shouldn’t be kept waiting!) and then you find not just that horrid dress, but tops,  skirts,  dresses and even underwear you bought under the exact or similar circumstances and you’re shocked at the growing number!

If this is your story,  don’t worry we weren’t just in your home,  this story, or similar,  trails the strongest of us out there!  Our gullibility to the opinion of others when it comes to shopping is a phenomenon on it’s own, but let’s not blame others for our mishaps.

…We do have a disclaimer though as this is strictly for those who have found their way, style wise.  If you haven’t yet, or are still finding yours,  take seriously the opinions of professionals or friends and relatives who know what they are doing in this department because you do need outside help to improve your wardrobe and there’s no shame in that. . .

So the question is why do we find ourselves buying clothes we don’t get to wear? The reasons abound- Could it be a way of borrowing or soliciting confidence- the kind others give us when they tell us we look good in that outfit?That we’re ‘killing it’?

Could it be that we buy clothes that are a meal away from being too tight? or we told ourselves would fit better in the morning just because we liked the fabric or the design? What we so aptly call long- throat?

How about trends? many of us are decieved into feeling we can follow the trends like everyone else does and then weeks later, just one glance at the top and you’re wondering what made you do it… again!

…You live a quiet story book life but your inner bombshell sees a skirt that reaches deep into your soul! You buy it immediately for the time when…. when… well, there’ll come a time and place for you to show up in this hot figure skimming dress, and so you pluck it off the rack in a hurry: You’re shopping for the life you want and not the life you have. Happens to us all, girl, no shame there.

How to tame that inner wildling that tends to get the better of us all? For starters, only buy good quality clothes with long wearing fabrics that fit well. No gaping, no pulling, and no sucking in your stomach. If you have to suck any of your parts in, don’t buy it girl! You can only have oversized clothing altered not tight ones.  If you need options for an occasion, find out if the shop has good return policies before you pick up more than two options.

Finally, how many times have you stood in front of the mirror in the changing room or at your tailors’ and thought, ‘With a better bra or undies it’ll be fine’, only to get home and discover it’s not! A great shopping tip is to always wear good, neutral-coloured underwear that smooth out lumps and bumps for an accurate view in the fitting room. If it’s not good in the shop, leave it there.

But hey, the damage is done, done time and time again, so what do you do? I’d say take time off and do some wardrobe assessment,  fit those that can be fitted, sell those still with their tags on, a girls’ afternoon sales lunch is not a bad idea to make money in these times, then give out those that don’t fit or no longer fit your lifestyle. There will be tears, selfish tears, but life goes on…